Read on for more information about the Regional Officer positions and elections!

The SRA is divided into seven regions.  To help the executive, each region has an elected Regional Officer… that’s where you come in!

Those that submitted manifestos before the AGM and ran unopposed are automatically elected, so:
The winners of the elections for the following regions are:
London/East Anglia: Martin Steers, CUR 1350
Midlands: Amanda Kearney, KUBE
South West/South Wales: Steven Briscoe, URB
However, we still need representatives for the following regions!

South East
North West/North Wales
North East 
If you want to run for any of the available positions, you must submit a manifesto (no more than 1 side A4, size 11pt font) by MIDDAY on SUNDAY 3RD MAY. Please note the change of deadline.
Manifestos will be available on this website following the deadline.
If candidates are unopposed by the manifesto deadline of midday on Sunday 3rd May they will be automatically elected and informed on the 4th by Ian Devlin.
If there are multiple candidates, the nominees will be put to a vote of the member stations in the specific region – closing date 10th May. Each station in the affected area will be given ONE vote which they will cast via email to
Winners of the elections that go to email vote will be informed by Sunday 10th May.
Details of the responsibilities of Regional Officers are in the constitution and include sections 7, 8, 9.1.3, 9.1.4 and 10.5 through 10.9.

You can find the proposed version of the consitition here, which following the AGM in Leeds has now been adopted.

If you have any questions regarding the roles and responsibilities of Regional Officers, please contact Ian via