The University of Hertfordshire’s Student Radio Station is facing the biggest event of the Student Year without a studio.

The Forum, which is to be the new home of the University’s Students’ Union as well as Crush Radio is running 3 weeks behind schedule – and whilst the main elements of the union are planned to be open for Freshers Week, media studios are lagging behind.

This means Crush Radio will not have a functioning studio in time for Fresher’s fortnight and there will be no LIVE broadcasts.
“It has been hard to come to terms with as we have had such big plans for Crush Radio and Fresher’s Fortnight. But now we have to get on with it and use the options available to us to make sure that Crush Radio stays alive during Freshers” said Thom Palser, Crush Radio Station Manager.
He added: “We welcome everyone to help us with the Fresher’s Fair Stalls, Outside Broadcasts while the new students move in, and finally The Crush Radio Launch Party.”
Station Manager Thom Palser met with Union Staff today (12 Aug) to arrange a contingency plan.
The team plan to have stream broadcasting on the crush radio website playing pre-recorded shows throughout the fortnight. The alternative means the radio station can still broadcast outside on both campuses.
It is thought the shows will be recorded and added to the broadcast loop. Crush still hopes to have a schedule, but no live content will be played.
Nica is in talks with University staff to try and secure a recording studio based in the Art and Design building for a week over the summer. Members will have the chance to pre-record their shows for the broadcast stream over the three week period.
Volunteers who have their own recording equipment have been invited to record podcasts.
Members had hoped for a temporary studio. Cost and time restrictions have meant the plans were not feasible. However, if the development continues to over-run the suggestion will be considered.
The media suites will house the Universe, Crush Radio studios and a live lounge. UnionTV will also be based in the suite.

If you’ve got any advice for Crush on how to cope without their studio, and keep the stations on air – why not contact them!

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