The Student Radio Association are announcing a brand new awards ceremony due to take place at the SRA Conference 2010. Here’s how you can get yourself and your station nominated for the I Love Student Radio Awards!

You’ve entered and attended the Student Radio Awards – but what about those people who put in time, effort and creativity behind the scenes and away from the mic? The SRA thinks it’s high time to give you some recognition for all of the time, effort and creativity that you put into your stations, student radio and your local community.

The I Love Student Radio Awards 2010 are designed to do just that!

We want YOU to give us your nominations for the following categories:

  • Most Dedicated Student
    This award will go to an individual student who has shown the most dedication and commitment to student radio. This person is in constant contact with the SRA, goes the extra mile to help others get involved in student radio or is constantly coming up with new and interesting ways of getting student radio recognised. This person really knows the meaning of “I Love Student Radio”.
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Station
    This individual has made the most difference to their individual station, be it community or student. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of their station sound, building relations with their Students’ Union or university, or are a station hero, this person will continually go the extra mile to improve things for their station.
  • Outstanding Contribution to Student Radio
    This award goes to an entire station. It awards stations who have, as a whole, made an outstanding contribution to student radio, whether it’s promoting student radio through their presenters/programming, or their enthusiasm and involvement in student radio events. This station is constantly involved, constantly challenging and constantly thinking of more ways to celebrate student radio.
  • Most Improved Student Station
    This award is for the station that has made the biggest improvement over the last year. This station has beaten the odds, completely reorganised itself with great success, has made a leap in sound or station image, has built a community up with the university, has recruited more members than it’s ever had before or has done something completely innovational.
  • Community Spirit
    This goes to the station that has built significant links with its community; this can be the local university community or the wider community. The station may have participated in fundraising events, been involved in demonstrations or news stories effecting their community, held social events to bring students and their community together or done something else to bring themselves closer to their community.


  • The individual/station must be a member of the Student Radio Association to enter.
  • Individual nominees must be a student currently studying/recently graduated within the last 13 months.
  • As well as being able to nominate yourself/your station, you can also nominate other people/stations for the awards.

How to Enter

Send your nomination name, award entered, and reasons for nominating to Sarah.

The deadline for entries to the I Love Student Radio Awards 2010 is Sunday 21st March 2010.

Entering is completely free.


Judging and Prizes

The awards will be judged by the Student Radio Association Executive.

Winners will be announced in a ceremony at the Student Radio Conference 2010, taking place on 29th – 31st March 2010 at Nottingham Trent University. (For more information on the conference and booking tickets go here).

We have a range of prizes for all of the awards winners, who will be announced on the night, and are kindly provided by a variety of sponsors.

For more information about the I Love Student Radio Awards or the guidelines and entry categories, please contact Sarah.