Skillset and the Radio Academy, support by the Student Radio Association, has launched Route Into Radio, a website designed to help you get into radio.

The main feature of the site is a video wall which has advice on getting into and getting on in radio from a wide range of radio professionals. These include broadcast assistants, producers, journalists, engineers, sales executives, as well as presenters such as Aasmah Mir, co-host of BBC Radio 5 Live Drive, and BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills.

The site also has written case studies, links to radio job profiles, careers and work experience advice, industry information as well as short films on radio production and technical skills.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills said: “Route Into Radio breaks down the myths of how to get into the industry. I wish I could have had people who were doing well at that time telling me this is what you have to do.”

Find out more by visiting Route Into Radio website.