The event follows the success of Fast Train for television in May 2011 – a training and networking event which attracted around 350 TV freelancers to taster sessions and masterclasses – for free.  Fast Train, in May, showcased some of the biggest names in the industry including BBC Controllers, leading independents and renowned programme makers.

Radio Fast Train will focus on a day of free training sessions for freelancers and independents in the radio sector.  Donna Taberer, Acting Head of the College of Production said, “We saw an unprecedented reaction to Fast Train in May. Radio, like other parts of the media industry, is facing huge change. Radio Fast Train is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and learn new technology, new ways of working, inspire creativity and a chance to collaborate and share ideas for the radio of the future. It’s key for the Academy to engage with freelancers, indies and radio organisations.”

Skillset’s deputy chief executive, Kate O’Connor, said: “Our radio industry needs professionals who are constantly improving their skills, making them more employable and giving them the capacity to produce ever more compelling programming. Fast Train Radio is a fantastic way to drive this, for free, while also giving our professionals the rare opportunity to come together and network under one roof.”

Radio Fast Train will centre on four themes: Ideas, Technology, Skills and Business.  Sessions and Masterclasses will include Pitching, Co-commissioning, Developing Your Ideas, Visualising Radio, Audience and Social Media, Broadcasting with your iPhone, Event Radio, Writing for Radio, Managing the Talent, Making Money from Audio, Managing Your Business, What is Your Brand?, Negotiating, Networking and Syndication.

There will be opportunities for networking and the chance to meet the key players at BBC Radio.

More details, including instructions on how to register, will be announced over the coming weeks and months via the SRA Website.

Visit the BBC Academy to access the fantastic BBC College of Production and BBC College of Journalism resources which is one of my Recommended Resources.