Honorary life membership is a type of membership awarded by the SRA as a whole to people who have given up their time to improve and contribute to our events and activities. It is a way of saying thanks to those individuals who have done so much for us over the years. Its voted for at the Annual General Meeting which is held at the National Student Conference every year.


The 2011 Student Radio Association Honorary Life Members are:

John Lawley
John has played an essential and much valued role in the SRA conference and awards over the past few years. As Wise Buddah’s ‘voice talent guru’, he runs the annual Voice of the Awards competition, and then arranges the voice sessions with the winners for use on the big night. John has given up plenty of time to show his support for student radio, and is well deserving of this award.

Sarah Ghost
As a member of the Student Radio Association Executive for three years, Sarah exhibited an unprecedented level of commitment to our members. It is an understatement to say that, without Sarah, the Student Radio Awards would not have been half as good, or as organised, as they were; and she always has the best interests of our members at heart. The hours that Sarah has put into the SRA are an incredible testament of her passion, and the organisation suffered a great loss when she left at the end of her final term of office in July 2011. That we’ve barely touched the surface of Sarah’s achievements is a testament to why she is deserving of this honour.

Rik Ward
Rik is an unsung hero who has given as many years service to the SRA as most of the people on this page put together. As the graphic designer behind the Student Radio Awards programme for as many years as we can remember (and also responsible for the on-night visuals for a number of years) Rik’s creativity has helped to make the night ‘one to remember’ for so many of our members. Few people got to work directly with Rik, but his patience, stamina and commitment (especially in the face of tight deadlines) make him especially worthy of the Honorary Life Member title.

Steve Lamacq
Steve has shown an unrivalled level of support for Student Radio over a number of years; promoting us to a huge national audience through his 6Music show. Steve has hosted, judged, and even been chair of the Student Radio Awards, and is always willing to bring his show live to the conference. There is no more suitable commendation that an Honorary Life Membership to recognise his passion for and dedication to Student Radio.