Ryan Bartrop is Station Manager of CSR FM (a joint station between University Of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University).

He has been set a challenge from within his station, to find out if he is the shortest station manager in the country!

He says: “I am not that short but compared to my co-host I am!”!


After first posing the question on Twitter over the weekend he found that there is a station manager elsewhere in the country who is shorter. Ollie Whittle at Xpression FM announced that he was 5ft 3! 

Ryan isn’t going to stop though. He’d now like to compile a height chart of all station managers in the SRA!

Ryan’s email plea goes on to say: “So what I need from you is your height. If you have the chance to record you saying name, station and height as an mp3 for me to play that would be awesome if not then just email your height to me that would be great.”

If you’d like to help Ryan please send any details you can to heightchart@studentradio.org.uk!

We’re hoping that Ryan will then bring along his height chart to Bradford, and we can all check to see if any of us have grown!

He finishes: “Thanks very much – looking forward to seeing you in Bradford in April!”