YoungCreatives is launching a brand new website to promote the works of student filmmakers, radio, presenters and artists.

The website which launched on Wednesday 08 February 2012 will show the best films, podcasts and art made by anyone aged 16-25 in the UK. Each creative student shown on the website will have their own CV page, designed to promote their work and raise the profile of student media.

Currently there is not a website that collates the best of student media. This site will become the central hub of student radio stations, film-festivals, student TV channels, and film societies.

“Creative students are always trying to promote their work. This new site makes it really easy to do this while comparing the best of student media across the UK,” said YoungCreatives owner Samuel Fry.

The new website also allows students to collaborate with one another.

“Each page is designed in the format of a CV so that each student can be easily contacted. Students can message each other with collaborating ideas, but it also allows businesses to recruit them.”

“We are also working closely with film and student radio awards to ensure that the best work from around the UK is shown off. But anyone can send their content to us. If we feel it’s strong enough, we’ll show it off on the site,” Fry added.

Samuel Fry and his team are all students, currently building the website from the University of Bristol campus.

“This website is built by students for students. We understand the needs of creative students and have found a great way to show off their work in a professional environment,” said Fry.