Burst Radio

Burst Radio uses new ‘crowdfunding’ strategy already hugely successful in USA and

Bristol University Radio Station (Burst Radio) has signed up to a new way of raising money with a fundraising website aimed specifically at students. The campaign aims to raise £1,400 for outside broadcasting equipment, to allow the Station to broadcast live from locations all around Bristol.

The new Bristol-based website, Sponsorcraft, gives students from all over the UK the opportunity to pitch their project ideas to friends, alumni and other third party sponsors. With no minimum donation and a unique system of ‘rewards’ at varying levels of support, Sponsorcraft follows in the footsteps of similar projects in the USA and Australia, which have already proved very successful.

The Station hopes that they can attract small amounts of sponsorship through the incentive of rewards in return for different levels of support. For instance, a £6 donation will earn the sponsor a limited edition signed poster, whereas an official hooded sweatshirt could be yours for a £30 donation.

Will Wilkin, the Station Manager of Burst Radio, said “Running such a rapidly developing radio station is pretty expensive so we’re excited about the potential for Burst and Sponsorcraft working together. Students are always interested in getting something for their money, so we’re hoping the rewards system will add a bit of extra incentive.”

Crowdfunding can be simply explained as sponsorship by a crowd of many donors and lots of smaller donations. Readers might recognise this sort of system already from the charity sector with websites such as JustGiving. Overseas, websites such as Kickstarter and Pozible have been funding arts-based projects for years.

To look at Burst’s project or to sponsor them yourself visit sponsorcraft.com. Remember, you can listen to the students’ own Burst Radio 24/7 at burstradio.org.uk. Burst Radio is completely run by student volunteers at the University of Bristol and aims to represent every aspect of life in at Bristol University. Over 100 presenters use the station to promote their interests and provide entertainment on 80 different shows, from the Arts Review to the Zoology Society Show.