Hub Radio

Bristol Student Radio Stations collaborate in unique dual-cast for commentary of Sports Varsity matches


Bristol University’s ‘Burst Radio’ and University of the West of England’s ‘Hub Radio’ set a precedent for co-operation between the two rival Universities last Monday night. The stations came together to provide live coverage of the Men’s football Varsity match between UoB and UWE.

The only documented event of its type, the dual-cast was a first for Burst and Hub, and the only instance of co-operation between the stations since they were combined as Fresh FM back in 1997.

Burst’s Station Manager, Will Wilkin, said of the occasion “it’s fantastic to see both the stations
benefiting enormously from this link up, and we’re looking to do it again in the future”, while Matt Ribbins of Hub Radio considered the event “a huge success for both our stations. The response so far from listeners has been great, with praise going to the commentators of the match who sounded impartial and professional. I am definitely looking forward to the next joint broadcast.”

The match was highly contested with the final score 3-2 to Bristol University. The next event will be when the two stations broadcast coverage of the Men’s Rugby Varsity match on 30th April, live from the Memorial Stadium.