Fuse FM

Fuse FM have recently moved studios, to a much shinier home and would like to invite you to celebrate all the past successes and all those to come in the future.


Fuse have been broadcasting to the student body for the last eleven years and this year it has seen them broadcast throughout the entire academic year for the first time.

The event will be held at The University of Manchester’s Student Union on Oxford Road, next to The Academy. The launch party will take place on Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm and the dress code is smart. There will be refreshments and music from Fuse’s very own DJs.


Fuse are inviting many local radio professionals, Fuse FM alumni, Members of the Union Executive and staff as well as past and present members in order to make the launch of Fuse FM’s new studios monumental to our University society. It will be a great opportunity for everyone involved to showcase our new facilities.


You can find out more about Fuse on their website www.fusefm.co.uk.