Wanting to add more to your CV experience? Perhaps a new and exciting project called ‘Podium’ could be just the thing for you. 

Below Johanna Derry, Editor at Podium tells us more about the project. 


What is Podium?

Podium is an emerging broadcast service for teenagers. It’s a platform for under 20s to air their views through a daily downloadable podcast. Every day of the school term we’ll upload a new podcast on a different theme – fashion, sport, music, comedy etc – covering the lives and featuring the voices of teenagers from across the country, from all regions and backgrounds. We launch later this year online and on iTunes, and we want to provide opportunities to students to gain valuable experience and be part of something innovative, creative and exciting.

Who is a Podium journalist?

An enthusiastic, youthfully minded person, who is confident enough to start conversations with teenagers, hungry for good stories, eager to get involved and willing to commit to supplying content to us regularly.

What is the Podium voice?

Young people only, informal, honest, real, representative, warm, engaging, and definitely not patronising or predictable.

What does a Podium journalist do?

We are looking for young people’s stories, from youth clubs, schools, radio clubs, sports groups, and any other windows onto the teenage world, and we need your help to capture their thoughts, hopes, failures and dreams.

  • We will send you a weekly agenda, with the topics and issues we’d like to feature young people’s comments and stories about. We will give you a clear brief, be available online to give you an editorial steer, and take notice of your ideas for possible content.
  • You will connect with young people and follow up stories, record teenagers’ voices and edit them into short, broadcast-ready packages of no more than 5mins long.
  • We will give you feedback on what you send us. We will edit your high quality pieces together to make complete podcasts, and credit you and the other contributing journalists at the end.
  • You will commit to generating content each week for the duration of a university year, and by the end of the academic year, you will have 30 broadcast packages completed for your portfolio, and material that has been broadcast nationally.
  • We will include a variety of young people’s voices, accents, experiences, backgrounds and stories to make the podcasts engaging and a must-listen.
  • You will be part of a national community of other journalists, all contributing content and sharing ideas and will have access to a secure online page where you can swap ideas and notes with others from around the country.
  • We will offer you the chance to become part of forming something innovative and really exciting.
  • You will get loads of experience in interview technique, story creation and editing. You will be challenged, and have the opportunity to break exciting and unusual stories as you find them.

What does a Podium audio content producer do?

We are looking for people with skills in Adobe Audition to help edit the raw content supplied to us by our journalists down to pithy, interesting pieces for broadcast.

How to get involved

To find out more, email me (johanna.derry@podium.me.uk), briefly outlining any relevant experience and why you’re interested in taking part!