LSRadio covers the legendary Liverpool Sound City festival.

Picture the scene. For three nights a city opens up its staggeringly large amount of music venues to host some of the most exciting music artists of 2012. Artists like the Mystery Jets, Temper Trap and Professor Green. It is a place to find hidden gems – in 2011 SBTRKT performed to a crowd unknowing how big he was to become, likewise Mumford and Sons back in 2008 before any ‘Little Lion Man’ was released. The air is vibrant, the city is packed with culture and the sounds of cheering and guitars starting up can’t be missed as you walk around. This city is Liverpool, a city with three universities and a major performing arts college. The festival is a haven for students, right?

Wrong. It has been baffling to many, but this great music event has fallen right on exam period every year since the festival began in 2008. A few brave individuals, the die-hard music fans, will always try and balance going to the festival and get revision done, but for the masses it is simply not a practical option to spend three days in the party atmosphere right before the dreaded exam fortnight.

2012 brings hope to the students of Liverpool. On the 17th, 18th and 19th May  (Thursday to Saturday), the University of Liverpool’s student radio, LSRadio, in association with much-loved Liverpool music magazine Bido Lito, managed to package up Liverpool Sound City in a way that hard working students could still get an experience of the festival. Broadcasting from an outside location in town to overcome the problem of broadcasting on a weekend, where their guild building that the broadcast from is shut, and to gain a more convenient location in the heart of the city centre, LSRadio did their own 72 hour coverage of the festival. This will include interviews, live sessions and takeovers, working with some of the bigger acts of the festival such as Mystery Jets,  Ghostpoet and D/R/U/G/S as well as some of the less established acts such as Alt J and Death at Sea.

Not enough for you? Sound City is not just about the live music, but focuses on the future of the music industry with its expo and conferences, packed with top industry experts. LSRadio delivered that to your ears too with live on air debates with the head honchos of record labels, music press and music websites.

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Words by Rob Dewis, Image by Sam Van Geffen