Your new Exec Officers have now taken office, take a look here and get to know them that little bit better…


Fred Bradley   Chair 

Hello, I’m Fred! This is my second year as Chair of the SRA. My role is to be the face of the SRA to external organisations (ironically, I don’t think I’m THAT photogenic!) I assist the rest of the Exec in their roles, and also am responsible for two Admin Officers, The Music Officer (Rachael) and the Chart Officer (Ryan). I’ve now graduated but prior to becoming Chair I took up the positions of South East Regional Officer (Hello Pure FM crew!) and Chart Officer. This year I’m very much looking forward to the Student Radio Awards, the feather in our cap, and often regarded as the most exciting awards night in our industry. Plus I’m also excited to see where we might be able to take the National Student Radio Conference next year!


Emma Bradshaw   Membership & Communications Officer 

Hi, I’m Emma and I am this year’s Membership and Communications Officer. I’ve been involved in student radio a LONG time – I’ve been both Head of Programming and Head of Finance and Marketing for URN and have been at the station for 5 years (don’t judge me – I’ve done a degree and a Ph.D – although not in 5 years. That would be impressive.)

This year I hope to advertise everything great that your stations do on the newsfeed and on the website, so if you have a story you want me to promote, please let me know! I’m here to sort out any membership queries you might have, and also to promote the SRA to the wider industry. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Stu Manton   Marketing Officer 

Hey! I’m Stu, and this year I’m returning to the SRA as Marketing Officer. My job is to organise the marketing and sales efforts of the association. I work as the main point of contact with businesses and organisation interested in supporting the SRA and our events – this can be anything from radio stations to Universities. A large part of my job before November will be working on the awards, getting the radio groups on side, and working with them to develop exciting ways to get their messages across, and to support students in the long run – whether this be sorting prizes of work experience, studio tours or just getting some awesome speakers. I’m also here to help our stations with any of their Marketing/Sales queries, and offer support on these areas. Can’t wait for an awesome year!

Chelsea Dickenson   Events Officer

Having just graduated from the University of Manchester, and with it my beloved Fuse FM, I’m so glad that my role of Events Officer will keep me involved with student radio. As Station Manager in my 2nd year of Uni and Regional Officer of the North West and North Wales last year, I’m extremely passionate about student radio and cannot wait to lend more of my life to it this year. The Events Officer’s main roles include planning the Student Radio Awards and the Student Radio Conference. With hundreds of attendees to each event, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve already started work on both! I know how important these events are to students and hope to pull them off to the high standard that the Student Radio Association have already established whilst giving them my own spin.

Lee Sevenoaks   Development Officer

Hi I’m Lee, Development Officer for 2012/13, This will be my second term on the Exec as Development Officer and I have to say its the best role to have on the exec (obviously i’m not biased) mainly as I get to work and meet people from Student radio and help you develop and assist wherever I can.

This year I’m really looking forward to strengthening our local presence with a fantastic team of Regional Officers. I’m also looking forward to overhauling the SRA Website(s) to create a website that’s fit for purpose for an organisation in 2012. I’m also looking forward to the Student Radio Awards this year, lets just say Chelsea our new Events Officer has some great plans… it may just be the best awards ever!

Student radio is the most creative areas of the Media Industry, and I’m proud to represent and support everyone who’s a member of the Student Radio Association.