New Regional Officers for Scotland have now been appointed. Connor Gillies & James Maguire will be working together in Scotland to further develop the great work done by Janika and Callum over the past year.


Connor Gillies (@connorgillies)

James Maguire (@JMaguire25)

I hope you will welcome Connor and James to the team and feel free to contact them via


Why Connor and James want to represent Scotland:

“For the past 2 years we have been Ambassadors of ‘Radio Caley” (Glasgow Caledonian’s University Student station) as presenters, volunteers and respectively in our reigns as managers of the station. During this time we have developed a strong passion and an in depth knowledge for Student Radio in Scotland. Throughout both our tenures we discovered how our own station operates and through communications with other stations in our country we understood how each operated differently but ultimately with the same goal or producing the best quality of output possible.

It is our belief that the essence of a great radio professional is incepted in Student Radio and it is as strong a platform as any for a future presenters, producer, news editor etc, to hone their talent and take it into professional capacity. We also have strong opinions that Student Radio is a community in which students thrive and learn life skills from. Scotland is a country with a lot of universities, some with students radio stations and some without, and we’re looking to engage, expand & develop with all in the higher education population of our country. We are very aware of the fact that the central belt is in strong communication with previous SRA reps and as a whole, we are looking to further expand this communication north of the border to cities and towns and everywhere in-between. We both believe that university radio does not start when you walk through the doors of university but when you have a passion in any college or any school throughout the nation. We want to get everyone involved and enthusiastic as early and as soon possible.

We recognise that in the past one individual for the full of Scotland has fulfilled this role. Whilst we commend the job that previous Reps have done and applaud the time spent by our prior rep, Callum Clark, who is about to take the Marketing the world by storm (We have every belief he will be back on our airwaves very soon). However we feel with the populous of Scotland and the distance between our universities 1 person has to shoulder an immense responsibility to deliver what our student radio stations really need. We have a lot of ideas that we will share with you guys in the coming weeks but in the meantime we want to share, briefly our own experience. As mentioned above, we both have 2 years student radio experience in the capacity of volunteers, presenting, and management of the station respectively. Simultaneously with our SR experience, collectively we have had experience, working with the BBC, XFM, GMG Radio, Bauer Radio & currently as well as being students at Glasgow Caledonian we both work in unison in the production, marketing & news departments of Capital FM Scotland.

Finally, being involved in Student Radio, as most of you may agree, is the most fun we have had in our student experience. Whilst we endeavour to continue this, we hope to reinforce and expand on the positive work done by previous committees as well as further develop Scottish Student Radio and push it into the future, we believe that the skill sets can be learnt to take potential creative industry employees into a work environment.”

— Connor & James