RaW 1251am from the University of Warwick are already 12 hours into their 100 hour outside broadcast – the MaRaWthon in aid of homeless charity, Coventry Cyrenians.

From the piazza at the University of Warwick, members of RaW 1251am will be hosting their shows all this week. Effectively, the radio station will be ‘homeless’ for 100 hours this week. This is all in aid of the homeless charity, Coventry Cyrenians. RaW will be attempting to raise £1000 in this time!

For one hundred hours, the radio station will be broadcasting outside, come rain or shine, or whether there is snow or gail-force winds (as seems likely this week!) Let’s hope there is lots of tea and coffee available to keep warm! Good luck guys!

The Coventry Cyrenians

Coventry Cyrenians provide a range of services for homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged people within the Coventry area. It aims to increase empowerment and independence, whilst also rebuilding the lives of those who are homeless and disadvantaged. RaW would like to show its full support for this charity, donating all money raised to their cause. To donate, please visit our JustGiving page.