URB alumni revisit the University of Bath for their 40th anniversary celebrations!

Between February 1st and 3rd, 1449AM University Radio Bath commemorated the 40th anniversary of their foundation in 1973 and celebrated this fantastic landmark by hosting a reunion, to which the station’s alumni were all invited.

With the great and the good of URB’s past returning to the airways for one-off shows (some for the first time since the 1970s), the weekend’s schedule made for eclectic and fascinating listening, owing to the range of anecdotes and musical accompaniments the alumni brought with them. Facilitated by the help of current members, each delivered a wonderful hour of radio, owing much to their meticulous preparation, which put current presenters to shame. [URB’s words – not mine! ~Emma]

The pinnacle of the weekend was a three course meal, hosted on campus, and was well attended by both alumni and present members of the station. The occasion provided an opportunity for many current members to be educated in the station’s colourful history, as well as for the alumni to explore a much-changed campus and studio.

Plans are in place for the next instalment of these celebrations to be the 50th anniversary in 2023, though the success of this weekend led to many to request a 45th, if not indeed a 41st!

You can see all of the photos from the day at URB’s Facebook page.