Every fortnight, I hope to bring you a little update on what is happening within the SRA, and what all of our Officers have been upto. The first edition is below – any questions get in touch @stumanton or email me.


Let me introduce myself, I’m Stu Manton and I’m the Chair of The Student Radio Association for the upcoming year. In the past, the SRA Officers have been expected to write monthly reports which was something that never really got done and so we thought we’d try something different.

This year to give a bit of transparency and an insight into what we do, I hope to be writing a blog every fortnight about everything that is going on at SRA HQ… I say SRA HQ, but actually there are 16 SRA bases around the country as our twenty strong team of Officers is spread from Leigh, our Scottish Regional Officer base in Stirling to Dan, our Chart Show Coordinator from Canterbury to Oli, our South East Regional Officer in Portsmouth.

I don’t want to bore you every fortnight so I’ll try and keep these things brief, and Emma, our Membership & Communications Officer is far funnier that I am in the SRA Newsletter so I won’t try and compete with that (by the way, if you aren’t signed up to it, you should be! You’re missing some great stories from other student stations, as well as lots of opportunities to get experience in the industry).

So what have the Officers been up to since we were elected/appointed all those months back at #SRACon hosted by Demon FM (anybody still wearing their wristband?). Well, we officially took office two weeks ago today, and we had our Officer Handover weekend in Manchester last month – it was a fantastic opportunity for the team to get together, meet each other properly and starting planning for the year ahead (and their are some pretty cool things happening!).

Jonny, our Content & Design Officer has been working tirelessly in his first few weeks (before jetting off on holiday!) to get designs done for our newly launching regional Facebook groups – these will hopefully become a great place to chat with other members in your region, share ideas and collaborate on project.

Emma and I spent most of last week answering lots and lots of questions about entries for the Student Radio Awards 2013, supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio – Emma even phoned me on Friday to say “In the last hour I received three-hundred emails!!”, luckily she tirelessly answered the all to help get people’s entries in on time, thank you Emma.

This year was the BIGGEST year for entries to the Awards, with an 18% increase in entries and a grand total of 600 people seeing if they can win Bronze, Silver or Gold at the ceremony at the indigO2 on November 7th – to find out if you’re one of those nominated put this date in your diary October 10th, which will be our Regional Nominations parties (more info to come soon!).

With such an increase in entries, the pressure is really on Joe, our Events Officer, to make the Student Radio Awards, supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio, even bigger and better this year – he’s currently knuckling down to come up with a theme for the event that will make everybody remember this November’s ceremony for years to come, and more info will be out on that soon.

Last thing to say really is, I can’t wait to hear from stations applying to host the National Student Radio Conference, and I cannot implore you enough to apply as it’s a fantastic opportunity to really put your station up their on the student radio map – there are still a few weeks to apply so if you’re interested get in touch.

Finally, if you have any questions about what’s going on in the SRA, then I’ll try and include them every fortnight in here – and I hope that you find this useful to keep track of what all our Officers are up to.

Enjoy your summers, and if you need anything just drop myself or one of the other Officers an email, and we’ll be happy to try and help you out.


Stu (@stumanton)

P.s. Congratulations to Dr. Emma Bradshaw who graduated today!