Your update on what is happening within the SRA, what all of our Officers have been up to and a fantastic opportunity to get some professional experience! Any questions get in touch @stumanton or email me.


This is my second blog as SRA Chair, the aim of which, as explained last week, is to try and keep you up-to-date on what is happening within the SRA and what our Officers have been doing for you.

With the summer in full swing and the scorching weather we’ve all been enjoying a bit of the sun, but at the same time planning for the year ahead. Your Regional Officers have begun to plan your Regional Nominations Parties and Training Days – these will be held on October 10th so keep the date in your diary, we hope to announce the locations in the coming month so keep your eyes peeled on Emma’s newsletter for more information.

There is also lots of other exciting news coming from our Regional Officers included plans for future training days – if you need something in your region, a training day or event for a specific topic then get in touch with them now, and we’ll see what we can do for the year ahead.

With September fast approaching Dan, our Chart Show Coordinator, will be looking for student stations to host the Student Radio Chart Show – he will be asking for your thoughts on the chart last years and ways to improve that, so if you have any ideas get in touch with him.

One project I’ve been working on this week is the launch of The Selector, a fantastic opportunity from the British Council and Folded wing to help you develop your production and presenting skills, gain an all-important break into the radio industry and utilise some fantastic content in new and creative ways.

The SRA’s Membership and Communications Officer (i.e. the funny one off of the newsletter), Emma has been busily preparing our membership packs for the upcoming year with lots of information on what we can do for you, how you can get involved in the SRA and the benefits you can get from being a member.

Whilst the summer can be a bit slow, stay in touch with us and if you need anything Emma will be happy to point you in the right direction or you can always email or tweet me @stumanton.