Your update on what is happening within the SRA, what all of our Officers have been up to and a fantastic opportunity to get some professional experience! Any questions get in touch @stumanton or email me.

Good Evening! (Or morning, afternoon, night depending on when you are reading this!)

August has been a hectic month, with the absolutely scorching weather and everybody jetting of around the world – our Marketing Officer, Tom, is currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro so we’re hoping he returns in time for the Nominations Parties!

Speaking of Nominations Parties, your Regional Officers have been frantically organising these, along with the Regional Training Days, over the past month and information on their location etc. will be out in the next few days in Emma’s newsletter but put October 9th in your diary.

In other information related news (tenuous I know!), Jonny, our Content & Design Officer has been working frantically on our new membership pack and it is nearing completion… Discover which officer enjoys creating the soundtrack to people’s lives without permission and which one was formerly allergic to something they used to put in pot noodle (plus some more important information) very soon.

As we prepare for Freshers, in the land of the National Student Radio Chart Show, Chart Show Coordinator, Dan, has been frantically working to put together all the information for the upcoming year, with the help of Junction 11’s James McCormick who is working on the imaging. If you want to be involved in the chart this year, drop him a message on

Also in music news, entries to host The Selector, the fantastic opportunity from the British Council and Folded Wing has now closed. They received 26 applications from stations and are currently shortlisting stations to be involved!

Judging also continues for the Student Radio Awards 2013, supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio, ahead of the Nominations Parties. We have a record number of entries and judges this year, and there has been some incredible responses on Twitter to these that Emma is highlighting each week in the newsfeed. Joe, our Events Officer, is working tirelessly to make the event extra special (although I’m pretty sure he just enjoys food tastings!)

We’ve also began picking a host station for the National Student Radio Conference 2014, and myself and Joe will be visiting some of the bids over the coming months to decide whereabouts we should go! We’ll be announcing the location of the Conference at the Awards (yet another reason to go!)

And finally, we have two members of our team to welcome – Fran Allfrey and Harvey McCabe who will be joining us as our new Schools and Colleges Officers, give them a huge welcome to the team!

As we all get ready for Freshers’ remember if you need anything from advice to promotion Emma will be happy to point you in the right direction or you can always email or tweet me @stumanton.