Podium.me are looking to recruit aspiring journos for their podcast!

Fancy getting involved with Podium.me, the unique daily podcast, which aims to report on the views and perspectives of the under 20s? Regardless of your age, Podium.me are interested in hearing from you. Here’s what Camilla from the project has to say.

Your time is in short supply, so ask yourself why you got involved in student radio? Perhaps you have eclectic taste and are keen to push the boundaries of audio, or maybe the fresher’s fair table had the best sweets.

If you are still reading, you might be interested in working on your ideas with a motivated UK wide team? Podium.me, a daily podcast site with regular commissions from the BBC and commercial stations, might be a good place for you to make your name.

Journalists at Podium.me gain from personal training and guidance whenever they submit content or pitch ideas. Their names are always credited on broadcasts and they can work on whatever interests them.  The top contributors are brought to London to hear industry speakers, to network, and to benefit from workshops. You are guaranteed to meet unusual and inspirational people amongst the wide variety of other journalist volunteers.

We have a ‘no selection no rejection’ policy and all we are looking for is people who have a passion for recording interesting stories, a dash of boldness and a desire to get ahead in journalism. The skills you learn with us will complement any cv, no matter what you choose to do next, and we also provide references for our top contributors.

Recent stories have included e-Cigarettes, topless photos on Instagram, abusive relationships, band reviews, Syrian refugees, bloggers and the World Cup.

Add your interests to the list above and you will understand what makes us so unique. We actively seek out dynamic young people to use Podium.me as a platform to tell their story.

We would be happy to hear from you, wherever in the world you’re based, so write an email with a paragraph about yourself (age, interests, university) now to: penny.bell@podium.me and you could start using your smartphone today to get your name out there as part of the Podium.me team.