Recent Fly FM alumnus and outgoing Station Manager, Jack Saunders, has been announced as the new host of the 10am-1pm Sunday morning show on national digital station Kerrang! Radio!

Starting this Sunday, Jack will be entertaining the nation’s rock fans in a new music-led slot, topping off an extremely successful year of student radio.

Whilst at Fly FM (Nottingham Trent), Jack helped to lead his station to victory at the Student Radio Awards 2013 supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio, with the Fly crew bagging an impressive 5 Gold awards and 1 Bronze award, along with a whopping 9 nominations. Aside from his management duties, Jack regularly presented shows for the station, with his passion in this area leading to him winning the opportunity to present a regular British Council SRA Selector show for his station.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jack recently went on to win the prize for Best SRA Selector at April’s National Student Radio Conference, succeeding in the face of tough competition to win a whirlwind trip to Mexico City, during which he explored the sights and sounds of Mexico and got involved with the local student radio station, Ibero 90.9.

Reacting to the news of a slot on Kerrang!, he told us:

“Being a presenter is something I’ve been working towards since my early teens. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and to have actually achieved… I can’t quite get my head around it. You’re always trying to achieve your goal but you never feel like it will actually happen and when it does it’s just a feeling of relief and sudden excitement!”

Jack is keen to attribute his success at Kerrang! to the experience he had with the SRA Selector:

“I had a dilemma at the start of my final year. Did I stay on as Station Manager for another year and try and replicate the success we had at the Student Radio Awards 2013 or focus on my dream and really go for it. When the chance to get involved with Folded Wing and the the British Council with the SRA Selector came along, I knew I wouldn’t get a chance like it again. So I chose the Selector, won it and out together a demo from it, sent it to Kerrang! Radio and within three weeks I had my show. So a lot of patience and taking the right opportunities when they come around was key.”

We caught up with Kerrang! Content Controller, Ric Blaxill, who told us about the process from Jack’s initial demo, to eventually being invited to present a show.

“Jack sent me a demo of his Fly FM and it was clear he had natural broadcasting ability and a good knowledge of music. The style and energy of his links felt a really good fit for Kerrang! and as I was looking to refresh the weekend schedule I invited Jack in for a meeting and to record a bespoke Kerrang! demo.I really liked what I heard so after looking at where a new show could sit in the schedule I offered Jack the new Sunday morning show on Kerrang! I know he will have a good connection with our listeners and I’m pleased we can support new broadcast talent in this way.”

Finally, Jack told us a bit about his trip to Mexico:

“I teamed up with my mate George Godfrey and he produced the show. Together we put together a concept that appealed to our audience whilst being original and creative at the same time. We put obviously had a show that stood out from the rest and I got to go to Mexico (he was messing around with Absolute Radio or something). The aim of the trip was to experience what it’s like to be a student living in Mexico City (AMAZING) and bring back and learn about Mexican music. I’m in the process of putting together a documentary of the music scene. Obviously I did all the tourist stuff as well: Aztec Pyramids, Lucha Libre and Estadio Azteca, the Mexican national football stadium.”

Some of the photos from the trip can be seen on our new Instagram accountA big congratulations from the SRA, Jack