We have been informed that there was an error in the announcement of Best Technical Achievement for the Student Radio Awards 2015. We have received the following statement from one of our judging coordinators, Fred Bradley:

“To distance themselves from the judging process the SRA Exec ask members of the SRA alumni to manage the judging of the Student Radio Awards, and it is with this responsibility that I give the following statement:

It is with regret that an admin error has led to some incorrect information being released with regard to nominations in this years Student Radio Awards.

The issue has only affected the Best Technical Achievement category where one entry that was marked as going being nominated by the first round judges was incorrectly missed out during the nomination announcements. It meant that one other entry was incorrectly included. As a result we would like to apologise to 1449am URB and announce that they are indeed nominated for the Best Technical Achievement category. 

As second round judging has already commenced we have deemed it unfair to remove the incorrectly nominated entry and therefore they will remain in the pool being judged in the 2nd round along with a chance for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.”

– Fred Bradley, Judging Coordinator

The SRA would like to apologise for any confusion caused and would like to thank the judging coordinators for bringing this to our attention as soon as possible so that the mistake could be rectified.