Oh The 90s! What a magical time, a time when everything seemed so easy, so straight forward and so carefree! This was mainly down to the fact we were all so young, however it cannot be denied that it was THE decade to be alive! The Student Radio Awards this year are themed around the 90s, and we’ll do our best to transport you back to that time – but to be a true 90s kid you must appreciate the following list, so grab your Pokemon Cards, Football stickers and Pogs and lets go on a little journey…


Forget the huge career choices of today, the toughest choice we ever had to make, Do we start with Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle! It didn’t help when you had Gary (Screw you Gary!) breathing down your neck!



Dave Benson Phillips
This man was our hero, I mean who else could get away with sticking our parents/headteacher/librarian in gunge just because they had told us off that one time! Although we never knew any of the kids on the show…






You can take your Paranormal Activity and your Insidious and keep it, because nothing compared to the sick, scary horror of goosebumps. I mean the stories ranged from a father turning into a plant, a piano that came alive and worms that followed your every move – no wonder our parents told us not to read them before bed!




90 Music

Lets be brutally honest here, they don’t make music like they used to. The 90s had it all, Eiffel 65, Aqua, Britney and of course the bands! We all had a favourite and the chances are you were assigned a member of the band to recreate in the playground – or if you were even braver – the school talent show.




beanie babies


The 90s was a time for collection, Pokemon Cards, Football Stickers and Pogs were a dominant force. However the Beanie Baby not only had the collectible nature, but also the emotional attachment. I mean it even had a name on the tag, the tag which you left on as undamaged as possible in order to keep its value. Or you ripped it off like an animal!




If you were too cool for Beanie Babies and you wanted yourself a real pet, chances are your parents wouldn’t let you. So you settled for the next best thing – the Tamagotchi. A pet that was on a tiny minuscule screen, about a tenth of the size of an iPhone screen, that you kept in your pocket and fed/played with. A pet which moaned all the time, and constantly beeped, and craved more attention than Zayn Malik after One Direction. Eventually you realised how much hassle it was, killed it off and stuck it in the drawer!





90's cartoons

If we thought Music was better back then, Cartoons were on another level. Whether it was CBBC, CITV or you were cool enough to have Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, there was no denying that we were entertained for hours. Honestly I think we need to show a fair amount of sympathy to kids these days who won’t get the chance to watch three little girls fighting a monkey, or three lads with the same name playing with a plank of wood!





Remember a time when renting a video (not even a DVD) was a treat! Your parents rewarding your good behaviour by taking you to Blockbuster (RIP) and letting you search endlessly through bright blue shelves to find a good video to watch, or if you were really lucky a video game (we will move onto that in a second!). The downside was having to return it literally two days later, and being fined if you didn’t! Although there was always that class rebel who kept the rental films. What. A. Badass.






These days we crave state of the art technology, graphics and realism to our games. Back then we were content playing as a blocky hedgehog running through grass trying to catch rings and honestly we preferred it that way. Originally the Sega Mega Drive dominated our rooms, with its inability to save meaning you would have to start again every time, then we had the Gameboy which could be carried around believe it or not, and ending the 90s with the Playstation, which didn’t really catch on did it….



decided all arguments


First things first, what was one of these called? Never had a name did it, but what it did have were special powers of helping us either:
a) decide an argument
b)tell us who we fancied or
c)plan our career.
Problem was only a select few in the class could control it, mainly because most of us couldn’t grasp the concept of which fingers went in which slot and how they moved. (Innuendo completely unintended.)






Eventually we had to mention radio, and back then it was all about the home radio station. How many of us sat at either our parents, or our own radio/tape player/boom box and recorded songs off the radio with the ‘push the play and record button down at the same time’ technique and then add our own voice over it later with a cheap microphone we had got given to use by our grandparents? The quality wasn’t great, the content was probably awful and we spoke over every song but it was our radio station – well, until your dad decided to record over it with sports commentary!