This week seems like it’s a week of opportunities for you guys in student radio if you fancy a career at Global (the guys who run Capital, Smooth Radio, Heart, LBC… the list goes on!) I’ve been sent this list by our friends over there as these ones are particularly suitable for entry-level, or for people with *some* experience, but not necessarily loads.

Here is the list of excellent jobs and opportunities, along with a *really* brief summary of each, in case the job title isn’t obvious:

Global TV (London): Producer
Global TV is looking for a new producer to work in a team creating video content for our radio stations and websites.
Deadline – 23rd February 2016

Global Technology (Nottingham): Broadcast Engineer
Every day will be different, from mending studios to training presenters, planning outside broadcasts and fixing PCs and Macs.
Deadline – none included

Global Sales (London): Creative Writer
Conceiving, writing, producing and pitching compelling audio creative that inspires both clients and agencies
Deadline – none included

Global Sales (Manchester): Content Solutions Project Manager
Everything to do with sponsorships, promotions and interactive digital content
Deadline – none included

Global – Capital (London): Audio Producer
Bring the brand’s audio identity forward and help bring big events to life; such as the Brit Awards and Capital’s Summertime & Jingle Bell Balls.
Deadline – 22nd February 2016

Global – Capital (London): Network Producer
Creating cutting edge content involving some of the World’s biggest stars.
Deadline – 22nd February 2016