inRadio is the world’s very first radio station which is dedicated to everything radio!

Launched on Tuesday 16th February by our friends over at Radio Today, the station will feature the best bits of radio stations from around the world, entertainment news, topical radio discussions, as well as jingles, bloopers and spoof commercials.

The exciting bit? STUDENT RADIO has its own dedicated slot! Every Friday at 1pm, we’ll have two 25-minute shows (repeated over the weekend) to showcase the fantastic creative radio that you guys are producing every week, as well as presenting archived interviews from our annual awards and conferences.

inRadio – launching on the 16th February


What will the first week’s shows be on?

To kick-start the student radio sections of inRadio, our first show will be dedicated to the February #SRADays – interviews with the industry and tips on improving your output and getting into the radio industry.

Show two will be showcasing and highlighting Xpress Radio’s 24 hour specialist music takeover from last week, with every genre of music covered from a cappella to breakbeat.

Xpress Radio’s 24 Hour Takeover Introduction


How can my station/show get involved?

We need your content!

I keep track of a lot of your events from what I see on Twitter and Facebook, but if there’s something that your station has done that is extra-special, tweet us @SRA (with a contact name/email) and LET US KNOW!

We have a shared Dropbox that we can give you access to where you can drop your best bits of content – whether it be a great interview, a feature you’re proud of, a show that you want to showcase, or highlights of a long OB that you’ve done for charity. Then we’ll edit it down and you can be on the radio! Easy peasy.

Alternatively, if you’re not a big tweeter, email me at and we’ll get you sorted with Dropbox access.

I’m so retro.


Anything else I need to know?

Not really – the only thing I have to say is that you DON’T have to be your station manager in order to submit audio to us. If you’ve got something amazing to share, drop us a line!

And probably another thing to mention – we’re not taking demos. No demos. Nor anything disguised as a demo. Or anything that sounds like a demo cunningly disguised as a flamingo. Basically, no demos. Just good, student radio content.