I mentioned in a previous article that we were teaming up with inRadio to get your content on-air and showcased to everybody. Well, I’m happy to report that we’re well underway with that, and as I write that we’ve made four podcasts of your content which have also been popped on our audioBoom channel.

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Here are links to all our shows so far – and thank you if you’ve listened to them on our audioBoom channel already, we’ve had hundreds of listens already!

Show One – Career Advice and Radio Shenanigans
Interviews and advice from our February SRA Days – from Portsmouth to Salford, Dino and Pete, to Rich Clarke.

Show Two – Xpress Radio’s Specialist Music Takeover
From A Capella to Welsh Specialist shows, we cover the highlights of Xpress Radio’s 24 hour music takeover.

Show Three – From BUCS to Varsity
Find out why BUCS is important to student radio, and have a listen to some Student Radio Award winning Varsity coverage. From Fly FM to RaW, Xpress Radio and URN. There’s also some very over-enthusiastic commentary outtakes in there…

Show Four – Interviews and Sessions
We showcase some of the best and most recent sessions and interviews that have been done by student radio in recent weeks. From Spark Sunderland interviewing Craig David, to Fuse FM interviewing Spring King.

Next week we’ll be taking a look at Demon FM’s OB, Demons in Space, and we’ll also be looking at the highlights across the UK of the Oscars coverage.

Tune in on inRadio at 1pm, or we’re repeated across the weekend. Finally, you can catch up on our audioBoom channel every Friday lunch time! If there’s anything you would like us to showcase and pop in our podcasts and get your station/show national coverage, email us at content@studentradio.org.uk or tweet us @SRA.