Back at conference, BBC Radio 1 announced that they’ll be introducing a new show – called The Student Radio Playlist – and it will be touring our member stations around the country.

It’s a new downloadable show, created and presented by different student radio stations from across the UK, and will be launching next month. The weekly playlist based shows will feature an hour-long mix of themed music that will reflect students’ lives.

Radio 1’s Student Radio Playlist will take place Monday evenings from 9 to 10pm and will form part of the station’s schedule for 12 weeks from May 2016, being available for download via the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

The stations that will be appearing on Radio 1 are:

Spark Sunderland (Uni of Sunderland) – “A Year In The Life Of A Student” (Week 1 – 2nd May)
Smoke Radio (Uni of Westminster) – “School Disco” (Week 2 – 9th May)
Dragon Radio (Uni of South Wales) – “Welsh Rock” (Week 3 – 15th May)

Then in no particular order:
Burn FM (Uni of Birmingham) – “Study Fuel”
URN (Uni of Nottingham) – “Copying Isn’t Cheating… If No-one Notices”
FreshAir (Uni of Edinburgh) – “Post Exam Joy”
RaW (Uni of Warwick) – “Musical Interrailing”
Insanity Radio (Royal Holloway Uni of London) – “#YesAllWomen”
Shock Radio (Uni of Salford) – “Waiting For A Loan”
DemonFM (De Montfort University) – “This One Time On My Gap Yah”
City Radio (City of Glasgow College) – “Straight Out Of Scotland”
University Radio Bath (Uni of Bath) – “15 Shades of Romance”

Congratulations everyone!