Once a year, tucked away in Gloucestershire woodland, all the best rock bands come out to play. The festival is called 2000 Trees and this year we had the chance to do coverage from it. Matt Wester and Corinne Torpey from Tone Radio were on site for us and you can hear and read their coverage below:

If you haven’t heard of 2000 Trees festival, it’s an independent music festival which brings a range of new, underground, alternative music together in the heart of Gloucestershire. The festival has four stages; the Main stage, The Cave, The Axiom and The Neu Stage. The festival also holds acoustic sessions from acts big and small in the Forest.

On the Thursday of the festival, I was able to hear Milk Teeth from Camp Turner while pitching up. Once set up, I explored the site with my pals and we checked out some of Black Peaks set. The first act I properly caught was Thrill Collins on the Forest Stage. An acoustic skiffle band that remixes some of your favourite British classics, definitely a recommendation plus my super rad lecturer plays the double bass. Another act I saw on the Forest Stage was Jim Lockey, I’ve not heard any of his music before the festival but his set has gained him a new fan. My last act of the night was the not so secret “Special Guest”, Frank Turner completely blew me away with his set. The overflowing crowd were captivated throughout the performance and I was fortunate enough to be apart of it.

Friday was the day I was most excited about, as all the acts I was pumped to see were performing. I caught parts of both Monarks and Crooks who were both awesome bands. Eddie from Moose Blood performed an acoustic set on the The Forest Stage and it was absolutely magical, everything about the performance brought tears to my eyes. Neck Deep proved a completely difference experience on the Main Stage, I don’t think I have sung (it was more like shouting) so aggressively in my life. The crowd was totally insane and I don’t think I have ever been sweatier during a gig ever. Mallory Knox followed on the Main Stage, one of my all time favourite bands that I’ve waited long enough to see live. I wasn’t disappointed, Lighthouse especially was totally rad to see. Moose Blood rocked the the Axiom, with both Knuckles and Cherry sounded absolutely massive. The rest of the night consisted of horrific singing and terrible dancing at the silent disco.

Saturday started with watching an insane performance from Heck on the Main Stage, hands down the most crazy band I’ve watched live. With both the lead singer and guitarist jumping off stage and into the crowd, it’s one way to be woken up. Puppy were next on my list of must-see’s, Forever especially gave me such chilled summer vibes hearing it live. I was also lucky enough to interview the band and they were just lovely and super hilarious. Black Honey’s performance on the Neu Stage was pretty spectacular, Corrine sounded just dreamy and Spilling Wheel once again gave me goose bumps. I spent the rest of the night jamming at the silent disco with all the new pals I made over the festival.

If anyone is considering going to 2000 Trees I would absolutely recommend. The atmosphere was super chilled, the line up is just absolutely insane and everyone you talk to is really lovely. Hope to see ya there next year x