So in case you hadn’t noticed, and we would be offended if you hadn’t, we may have changed the way we look! We decided after a long time (longer than we can remember) using the green style branding, that it was time for a change, time for us to look more ‘2016’! So our resident designer (and bouncer!) Jonny Chambers took upon the task to make the SRA look better, and we think he’s absolutely smashed it!

So out goes green, and in comes orange, with a hint of pink, and we have to admit, we look good! Now you may be asking what the reasoning is behind the rebrand, or maybe you’re not and you’re hypnotised by our new look! Well anyway we asked Jonny, in a really formal way to tell us why:

Our old branding has served the SRA well for over a decade, but as we continue to grow and develop as a major supporter of student talent within the industry, we set about introducing the next iteration of the student radio association brand.

Our new branding gives us more flexibility, brings the SRA firmly into 2016 and is packed with subtle little hints to reflect what we do and where we’re heading as an organisation. It’s designed to reflect the huge array of moment stations and students who have supported the SRA over the years.

It’s been 4 years in the making (no really, I have no life) and we cannot wait to press play on the future of radio.

Jonny Chambers, 2016

Told you it was formal…..

No but seriously, what an amazing job he has done, and we think you’ll agree that we look better than ever! If you could potentially send us a tweet @SRA and tell us how good we look, this would be greatly appreciated, plus Jonny would love you if you did!

So without further ado, I present to you the new styled branding! (Plays SmART music….):






Think we can all agree, it looks swish (this still a word?)

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