Daisy at Rinse

Hello! I’m Daisy and I currently work as an Assistant Producer at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

I mostly work across specialist shows, including Annie Mac, Toddla T, Friction, MistaJam, Target, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and more. I’ve also worked with the BBC Music Visualisation team across lots of BBC events, such as Radio 1 in Ibiza and Big Weekend.

I was always a big music person and didn’t hesitate when applying to be Head of Music at Fly FM. I presented countless new music shows and spanned across genres in the three years I spent at Nottingham Trent University – realising very quickly that despite studying Broadcast Journalism, it was music that I wanted to work in.

Fly FM

Fly FM at Nottingham Trent University where Daisy was Head of Music

My job now involves hopping between shows and listening to a LOT of music. Specialist shows require lots of compliance (listening for swear words, violence etc), listening to mixes, checking track-lists and helping to select tunes. Because I’m freelance, it means that I don’t just work on one show – so adapting to different show’s needs and understanding what they do is really important.

For me, I only ever really wanted to work at Radio 1/1Xtra – so when I finished university and student radio I concentrated solely on getting there. Shortly after graduating I emailed Somethin’ Else, an independent production company that produces lots of BBC shows, and organised to intern with them for 6 weeks. This meant that I got my foot in the door, began to learn how the industry works and helped out on several shows on Radio 1/1Xtra/6 Music and more.


The Radio 1 studios

I soon realised that in order to work at BBC Radio 1/1Xtra, I needed to be in London. So I got a full-time office job, moved in with my friend in East London and volunteered in as much radio as possible. In this time I presented a show on Shoreditch Radio, presented on Roundhouse Radio and interned at the weekend at what was formerly XFM (now Radio X). This was without a doubt the most tiring 9 months of my life – at some points I was working 70+ hours a week and very tempted to give up – but I stuck with it until eventually, I was given the opportunity I was waiting for.

I applied for the role of ‘Team Assistant’ at Radio 1/1Xtra, not even expecting to get an interview, and after interviewing alongside 80 other people, miraculously got the job! From there, I continued to learn as much as possible, work hard and get stuck in with every show I worked on. A year later, I applied to be an Assistant Producer.


Radio 1 in Ibiza

In between all of this I’ve also presented on Rinse FM, worked with the BBC Music Visualisation team at some amazing events, and I’m continuing to learn as much as possible while doing what I love.

If you’re looking to get into specialist music radio – the best advice I can give you is to learn your craft, research all of the amazing underground radio stations out there, set yourself a goal and listen to as much music as you possibly can. Its hard work, but so, so worth it.

Radio 1's Big Weekend

Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter

You can follow Daisy on Twitter @DaisyJarrett.