When you get the chance to do Student Radio, it isn’t just all about having a go at music and entertainment shows. Creativity is what keeps the dial ticking and the most obscure and adventurous creations can normally be found in the world of Radio Drama. Whilst it may seem a daunting task, we’ve been lucky enough to have URB’s Darius Gilani put together a guide to having a go yourself. Take it away Darius…

Ghosts, private investigators, talking animals, magic and door-to-door salesmen. Yep, that’s us.

It’s been three years since I started RavenTales with a great bunch of other students at URB in Bath. The plan was simple: make radio dramas and comedies with as many people as possible. Engaging ones with horror, adventure and humour.¬†The reality was tough. Fun, but tough. We’ve now made about 50 episodes worth of audiobooks, dramas and comedies and won a bronze SRA. We’ve also had about 50 students writing, acting or doing production. It’s surreal – our university doesn’t do drama or radio production degrees.

It’s been such a blast that we’ve made these two podcasts so other student radio stations have some advice for trying it too!

These podcasts feature contributions from our writers, actors and production team on the tricky parts of producing radio drama:

Part 1

-Developing a script (ft. comedy writer Andy and sci-fi writer Jonathan)

-A beginner’s guide to using/trying different microphone settings (actor Ethan and myself)

Part 2

– Working with actors (Production coordinator Phaedra and a ton of our cast from our series “Crowe,””The Magic Forest” and “Our Little Village)

– A preliminary look at music and sound effects (Composer Adam – the backing music in this section is all by him too!)

– Starting/managing a drama production group (me and everyone from earlier)