Hello and welcome along Student Radio music teams to another SRA Playlist Meeting!

One of the hardest things for Music Teams amongst our members to do is perfect the sound of Student Radio. Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer to what you playlist on your station as tastes vary but if you’re needing some inspiration or advice then our Music Officer is here to help.

We bring you a fortnightly playlist of the best music in student radio and what we think you should think about playlisting on your station. Here is our playlist for next two weeks.

Biffy Clyro – Re-arrange
Blossoms – Blown Rose
Bruno Mars – 24k Magic
Calvin Harris – My Way
Chase & Status – All Goes Wrong
Christine & The Queens – Saint Claude
Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne Marie – Rockabye
Galantis – Love On Me
Green Day – Revolution Radio
Hailee Steinfeld & Zedd – Starving
Kideko & George Kwali – Crank It
Mura Masa & A$AP Rocky – Lovesick
The Weeknd & Daft Punk – Starboy
Twenty One Pilots – Lane Boy
You Me At Six – Night People

B List
Bring Me The Horizon – Oh No
Catfish & The Bottlemen – Outside
Chance The Rapper – No Problems
Clean Cut Kid – Make Believe
Craig David – Change My Love/All We Needed
Declan McKenna – Isombard
Drake – Controlla
Jonas Blue ft Raye – By Your Side
MO – Drum
Neiked – Sexual
The 1975 – She’s American
Wilkinson & Karen Harding – Sweet Lies

 C List
Adele – Water Under The Bridge
Blink-182 – Home Is Such A Lovely Place
Charli XCX & Lil Yachty – After The Afterparty
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Lullaby
Gallant – Weight In Gold
Kaiser Chiefs – We Stay Together
Kings Of Leon – Find Me
Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles
Rag N Bone Man – Human
The XX – On Hold

New Music

Louis Berry – Restless
Naughty Boy – Should Have Been Me
Rejjie Snow – Pink Beetle
SOHN – Conrad
Vant – Peace & Love

If you love any of these records but are having problems obtaining them, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Scott as it’s his role to help your station get a hold of the best new music there is. Or if you want to just have a chat about music, you can email him at: scott.hastie@studentradio.org.uk

If you’re looking at our playlist and you’re unsure about some of the tracks, fear not, there’s lengthy reading to follow. Here is a little bit about why we’re valuing each record on our playlist.

Biffy Clyro – Re-arrange (Renegade)

The Biff are currently enjoying some abroad touring whilst their new single sizzles nicely on UK Radio. By the time the lads arrive back in the UK in late November for their HUGE arena shows, this one should be super familiar with your listeners.

Blossoms – Blown Rose (Renegade)
Awesome to see Blossoms rise to Radio 1’s A-List this week. You’ll also find the track on frequently on Radio X, Virgin Radio and all your other alternative radio stations. You won’t a bigger British indie band this year so throw then loads of spins.

Bruno Mars – 24k Magic (Atlantic Records)
The swaggiest song around has topped our Student Radio Chart two weeks in a row which cements it as the must have pop tune of the moment. Unavoidable and come on, it’s brilliant.

Calvin Harris – My Way (Renegade)
I’m well chuffed that we seem to be hopefully on the downward slope of the endless slog of Tropical House that’s plagued the charts this Summer. Man I’ve just jinxed it haven’t I…
That being said, when Calvin jumps on any trend, he does it well. My Way is certified fresh and as far as Dance records go, this is the biggest one this month so you should probably be playing it.

Chase & Status – All Goes Wrong (Wild Promotions)
Similarly to Biffy, Chase & Status begin a run of massive UK shows this month. Actually starting next week. New single All Goes Wrong is still doing the huge rounds on Radio so this is probably one you want to keep around until their tour is done.

Christine & The Queens – Saint Claude (Plug N Play)
The excellent follow-up to Tilted is doing strongly at Radio, being played on most alternative radio. The track is just shy of 700k Shazams and 11m plays on Spotify isn’t a bad number either.

Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne Marie – Rockabye (Atlantic Records)
The number one record in the country and I’m happy for it. Fun fact, Sean Paul has been on four strong radio hits since April. What a career resurgence!

Galantis & Hook + Sling – Love On Me (Renegade)
Running Top 20 on Shazam and Spotify currently and doing well at commercial radio. Simply when Galantis drop a tune, it’s always a winner.

Green Day – Revolution Radio (Renegade)
Difficult to find great radio friendly rock for your A-List and with new Biffy being a bit of a mellow affair, we need a bit of punk rock on Student Radio at the moment. Especially with the week we’ve just had!

Hailee Steinfeld & Zedd – Starving (Island Records)
Good to see Hailee pick up her first proper hit in the UK. This one’s sitting Top 10 on Shazam and Spotify and of course doing well on Commercial radio too.

Kideko & George Kwali – Crank It (Plug N Play)
Certainly in the latter parts of its peak but the freshers anthem of 2016 is still hanging on in there. It will for sure go down as one of the UK’s biggest dance hits of the year.

Mura Masa & A$AP Rocky – Lovesick (Renegade)
An artist that student radio should be all over, Mura Masa’s Lovesick has started to make waves as it crashes into the Top 40 on Shazam as well as picking up lots of plays in Radio 1’s playlist. A favourite for students in 2016 so definitely one for heavy rotation.

The Weeknd ft Daft Punk – Starboy (Island Records)
Not much to update here. The track and artist are huge, we all know that. However, The Weeknd has just announced an arena tour for next year so Starboy will benefit from that buzz.

Twenty One Pilots – Lane Boy (Renegade)
21P have had an incredible year taking their Blurryhead album around the world and releasing strong single after strong single from it. Fans of the band will know it was only a matter of time before Lane Boy was chosen as a single. The band are so popular amongst the student population so this is a must.

You Me At Six – Night People (Radioactive)
People have really warmed up to new YM@6 which is great. This one probably has a week or two left in it but with the new album out in January, new music is hopefully just around the corner.

Bring Me The Horizon – Oh No (Renegade)
New BMTH is really catchy but sounds nothing like you would expect a track from them to sound like. It’s a really strong track for radio and with 12m Spotify plays is certainly a fan favourite.

Catfish & The Bottlemen – Outside (Island Records)
Outside is one of the better cuts from Catfish’s new album. This band make the best accessible indie rock you’ll find on Radio and at the moment this one is in heavy rotation on Virgin and X amongst others. It might be over five minutes long but if you can work on editing down your own radio edit, it’s worth it.

Chance The Rapper – No Problems (Rapper Radio)
Shout out to anybody who followed the last update and playlisted this one ahead of Radio 1 jumping on it shortly after our last update. It’s now in their B-List as it is ours and simple its because the record is infectious. Chance has two upcoming shows in the UK in late November for which tickets are of course gold-dust. The guy is a big deal, we’re just a bit later than the rest of the world to notice yet.

Clean Cut Kid – Make Believe (Beggars)
At this point, I assume we’re all madly in love with any release CCK put out. In case you aren’t familiar, these guys give us some of the fun sounding indie pop we’ve heard all year. Make Believe is a great follow-up to the last few records playlisted well at student radio so it makes sense to playlist it at your station.

Craig David – Change My Love/All We Needed (Plug N Play)
Craig’s current single is Change My Love and its doing really well at radio at the moment. That being said he is about to release the official Children In Need single for this year which is All We Needed, also features on his new album. What you might find (as the song is exceptional) is it does really well and you might slowly rotate that one in and rotate Change My Love out. For now, we recommend playing both on rotation.

Declan McKenna – Isombard (Sony Music)
Naturally this progresses up our playlist into our B-List as people become more and more familiar with Declan. This song was just C-Listed at Radio 1 too so this seems the one to properly break him into a wider audience. Perfect for student radio.

Drake – Controlla (Island Records)
Despite dropping new music for his 30th Birthday which included the popular Fake Love, it is Controlla that is the current single at radio for Drake. Controlla encapsulates his new influences and direction best from his Views album and is super catchy so this one should see us into December easily.

Jonas Blue ft Raye – By Your Side (Renegade Media)
Jonas is 3/3 on great hit singles as this one looks to storm up the charts very quickly. Definitely one you should consider for your upper playlist.

MO – Drum (Renegade Media)
Still going strong on most radio stations at the moment but it has dropped out of Shazam’s chart so maybe it’s peak has been and gone. If you need room in your playlist, this one seems expendable.

Neiked – Sexual (Renegade Media)
Massive hit on the rise from Neiked which could be in your A-List if you so wished. Definitely have this one on your station in some aspect.

The 1975 – She’s American (Renegade Media)
The band’s new single is doing well on radio but as they’re on tour later this month into December, this should definitely be one you’re playing.

Wilkinson & Karen Harding – Sweet Lies (Renegade Media)
Another one that is hanging in there is the great hit from Wilkinson which as I said last time, it isn’t often we find a radio friendly D&B tune.

C List
Adele – Water Under The Bridge (Beggars)
Whilst this one is taking its time, it won’t be long before the new Adele single follows the trajectory of all of her previous singles. Expect to hear this on radio soon.

Blink-182 – Home Is Such A Lovely Place (Radioactive Promotions)
With a new tour just announced for next Summer that sold out almost instantly, its clear to see that our student demographic love Blink. New album California had a lot of great potential singles and they’ve done well to go with this one.

Charli XCX & Lil Yachty – After The Afterparty (Atlantic Records)
New from Charli XCX is a Halloween release which also had an excellent themed video. The track is currently B-List at Radio 1 too so is doing pretty well.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Lullaby (The Noise Cartel)
You won’t find more exciting punk rock to playlist at the moment than the new record from Frank Carter. His new albums shaping up to be excellent but you can also hear this record right now on Radio 1’s playlist too.

Gallant – Weight In Gold (Warner)
New Gallant took its time but is currently enjoying some really excellent airplay so we’ve moved it up to our C-List too. Great ballad for your rotation of tempos and moods in your scheduling.

Kaiser Chiefs – We Stay Together (Radioactive Promotions)
I love the new record from Kaiser Chiefs and each single they release is working really well for radio. We Stay Together is no different and is a great add for your indie quotas.

Kings Of Leon – Find Me (Sony Columbia)
I love that Waste A Moment was so strong that it lasted on radio until the next single release. Great effort from Kings of Leon. This new record is just as catchy so expect it to be around for a good while.

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles (Media2Radio)
This could rise up your playlist really quickly as it’s a viral hit. Currently sitting at Number 2 in the Shazam charts, expect to hear it all over as 2016 makes its exit.

Rag N Bone Man – Human (Sony Columbia)
The popularity of Human is rising superfast. This record has already had a few releases in 2016 but the new release seems to be the one that will catch on. This guy is super talented and Human has been one of the best songs of the year so hopefully with our continued support, we can help it reach where it deserves to be.

The XX – On Hold (Beggars)
What a marvelous comeback record that The XX have gifted us. The perfect record for student radio to play loads and a tour to follow means that this band are in demand, a lot.

New Music
Louis Berry – Restless (Plug N Play)
Still hanging in there is Louis Berry whose record Restless is perfect for student radio. Looking forward to seeing him breakthrough with huge records in 2017.

Naughty Boy – Should’ve Been Me (Virgin EMI)
New Naughty Boy is a sure fire hit. We put it in our new music now but within a few weeks it will be right up our playlist. You should hit on it early.

Rejjie Snow – Pink Beetle (Plug N Play)
This one sounds incredible on air, as I’ve heard it on Radio 1 and Virgin so far. This guy I think will be hot property next year but with this release he’s already showcasing that.

Sohn – Conrad (Beggars)
Another artist who is just perfect for student radio is Sohn who returns with the first single from his sophomore album. Conrad is super catchy and I expect it to pick up a lot of airplay from student radio.

Vant – Peace & Love (Renegade Media)
Finally, Vant’s new single is absolutely worth the add. Karma Seeker was a great effort and this one cements Vant as a band who can produce great indie rock hits.