Back in the early 2000’s, every single person involved in Student Radio right now would have been addicted to Britain’s biggest boyband post millenium, Busted. All of those people know the story of the band’s split in 2005 but now we bring you the story of the band’s reunion and look ahead to the band’s new album Night Driver which is out November 25th.

If the SRA Takeover format is new to you, we have one of our student stations co-present with a famous artist. Busted have picked lots of great tunes for us and discuss Night Driver, their new tour and what Busted learned playing in other bands.

URB’s Dean Breed & Chris Couch were our co-presenters for this show and they had this to say about working with Busted:
It was an absolute pleasure to deliver the Student Radio Takeover from the University of Bath with Busted. I enjoyed working with such a fun yet professional group like Busted and it was very interesting discussing their musical tastes and influences. We managed to touch on many different aspects of their reunion that so many people, including myself, are very excited for. I wish the band the best of luck for their upcoming tour and the future.

We want to send a big thank you to Atlantic Records and Busted for their time and we’re happy to share the show below:

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