Hello and welcome along to our first revamped SRA Playlist Meeting. Every fortnight, student radio music teams will come together to present our thoughts on songs we’re considering for playlisting at our various stations.
This will provide an excellent indicator of what is hot at student radio, and will also help our stations involved pick through all of the music to find the very best to play.
Below you can find the songs we’ve discussed this week and our thoughts about them.

A Day To Remember – We Got This

Playlisted on: 7/15
the old school style is reminiscent of bands like Busted and Blink 182. It’s energetic, and the perfect track to get you through the week. – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

a solid pop punk feel to the track, great for the student station that don’t want something too heavy – Mark Hoskin (Smoke Radio)

Amber Run – No Answers

Playlisted on: 12/15

The instrumental build up is interesting and the type of combination with the guitars and synths / keyboard is fairly popular at the moment – Ally Steel (LSR)

beautiful lyrics, really nice build up to the chorus – Mia Abeyawardene (Fresh Air)


Bastille – Blame

Playlisted on: 14/15

added as soon as it was confirmed as the single because Bastille, largely. There’s been great support on the station for ‘Good Grief’ and ‘Send Them Off!’ so, whilst not my favourite track from Wild World, it made sense to add. – Xavier Voigt-Hill (Surge Radio)

Who doesn’t like Bastille! We have playlisted a lot of their material in the past and will continue to support them. Blame is a great tune! – Thomas Hall (Scratch Radio)

Blossoms – Honey Sweet

Playlisted on: 13/15

Yes – Will probably playlist later on this month. Still getting lots of plays on their last single ‘Blown Rose’, very popular among our DJS. – Harriette Wimble (Purple Radio)

Again, just like Bastille, Blossoms have been a big hit with our audience and presenters. Honey Sweet is a really nice tune and a personal favourite of mine. – Thomas Hall (Scratch Radio)

Christine & The Queens – iT

Playlisted on: 13/15

added for the upcoming week following its servicing as the inimitable flair of CATQ made ‘Tilted’ and ‘Saint Claude’ big tracks for us, and this continues in a similarly captivating way. – Xavier Voigt-Hill (Surge Radio)

Rare loves Christine and the Queens! Goes down well with everyone. – Jake Crossland (Rare FM)

Declan McKenna – The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home

playlisted on: 11/15

McKenna has imprinted my mind since watching him at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Definitely one to watch, and would love to support such talent! – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

I’ll be giving it to someone for our ‘Fly First Play’ feature in the coming weeks. I think 2017 is going to be his breakthrough year, so playing his stuff now will hopefully start to stimulate some popularity for him. Such a fun, alternative track too! – Lydia Flavell (Fly FM)

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Wild Flowers

playlisted on 11/15

I usually like to have a rockier track or two on there because a fair few of our presenters like that sort of thing, and I think this is a good one to fill that niche! Good track. – Neil MacQuarrie (RAW)

would probably get quite a few plays as it’s something different- brings variety to the shows who don’t necessarily love playing mainstream pop. – Katie Willmott (URN)

London Grammar – Rooting For You

playlisted on: 12/15

Hannah Reid’s vocal abilities are extremely captivating, another great hit from London Grammar. – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

Already on our playlist. Devastatingly beautiful. – Neil Macquarrie (RAW)

Nadia Rose – Tight Up

playlisted on: 8/15

Really nice tune. Different to the rest of the tracks so far. We would consider playlisting. I know a lot of people in Birmingham that are really into this sort of music. – Thomas Hall (Scratch Radio)

amazing rapping, really funky beat – Mia Abeyawardene (Fresh Air)

Ray Blk – Patience

playlisted on: 11/15

we already have My Hood on our ‘Fresh’ list and it’s gaining some popularity amongst our presenters. Since winning Sound of 2017 I think it’s important we do playlist this track because that means she’s one of the artists we should be looking out for this year – we’re devoted to bringing the best new music so I don’t think we’d be achieving our motto if we didn’t! – Lydia Flavell (Fly FM)

Has to be on the playlist after the Sound of Music result, top track! – Mark Hoskin (Smoke Radio)

Sleaford Mods – BHS

playlisted on: 4/15

given that the band are from Nottingham and we always support local artists. It’s a bit different to what you’d usually hear on commercial (especially for us) so it would add variety. – Lydia Flavell (Fly FM)

Presenters on Rare really enjoy political music (that is actually worth listening to). – Jake Crossland (Rare FM)

Snakehips & MO – Don’t Leave

playlisted on: 12/15

will be playlisting this. Big fan of both MO and Snakehips. Would work well on our A-List. – Harriette Wimble (Purple Radio)

Scratch is a big fan of MO and she has been track of the week many times, so no doubt will do well on our playlist like all her prevous material – Thomas Hall (Scratch Radio)

The Amazons – Little Something

playlisted on: 12/15

Has been on our playlist since it’s release early December. Had these guys in for a session last year and have been huge fans since. Will always be supporting them! – Harriette Wimble (Purple Radio)

A band that’ll take off this year, awesome sound – Mark Hoskin (Smoke Radio)

Two Door Cinema Club – Ordinary

playlisted on: 14/15

another track from Gameshow to slowly catch our attention and reel us in, we’ll be keeping this around at least until the tour has moved on. In singles, TDCC apparently can’t go wrong. – Xavier Voigt-Hill (Surge Radio)

Yes, already on the playlist. TDCC go down very well every single time, and this one’s no different. – Neil MacQuarrie (RAW)

Vant – Do You Know Me

playlisted on: 14/15

big band to watch out for this year. Love they punk-y, alternative style to their music and this track shows that off fantastically. – Lydia Flavell (Fly FM)

already on our playlist also! Big fan of the gritty vibe, these guys just get better and better. – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

And still big at Student Radio doing well on our SRA Chart are:

1. Rag N Bone Man – Human
2. The Weeknd & Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming
3. Clean Bandit – Rockabye
4. Dua Lipa – Be The One
5. Jonas Blue & Raye – By Your Side
6. You Me At Six – Swear
7. JP Cooper – September Song
8. The XX – On Hold
9. Zara Larsson – I Would Like
10. Circa Waves – Wake Up
11. Catfish & The Bottlemen – Outside
12. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Wild Flowers
13. The Big Moon – Formidable
14. Kings Of Leon – Find Me
15. Two Door Cinema Club – Ordinary
16. The Amazons – Little Something
17. Bastille – Blame
18. Sundara Karma – Flame
19. A Day To Remember – We Got This
20. Crystal Fighters – Good Girls