In case you haven’t heard, or in case we haven’t mentioned it enough yet, the National Student Radio Conference 2017 is being held in the delightful city of Leicester. This isn’t just in celebration of last year’s Premier League champions, or the fact that we want to hear Claudio Ranieri do his little ‘ding dong’ when communicating his players (just me? It’s nothing rude, I promise) but also because we’ve heard that some of the best drinking establishments the UK has to offer are also based here.

We say ‘best’. We mean ‘best’ in the student drinking establishment sense.

I asked Ollie McGrath, one of the hosts of the conference from Demon FM, what his favourite places in Leicester to visit are. He didn’t disappoint.

1. The Font Pub

DemonFM’s home from home other than our studios is The Font! This quirky pub is epic if you like quality booze and good pub food for a reasonable price.

2. The Bowling Green

If you would like to see where it all started 21 years ago, you can head to The Bowling Green – The birth place of DemonFM. This is a pretty standard pub but holds lots of drunken memories from lots of demons through out the year so why not make some of your own.

3. Soar Point

Soar Point is an excellent choice to destroy your liver (especially if the sun is out). Set on the River Soar, Soar point is a great pub which offers you the opportunity to play retro games, board games and even BINGO.

4. The Orange Tree

If you fancy spending abit more, The Orange Tree is a really nice bar in town which offers epic cocktails and really random sprits.

5. Firebug

Firebug is the place to go if you need a drink late at night or before breakfast. Open till 4am everyday, it is a good bar which offers very cheep drinks and a nice atmosphere.

And if you want to come to Leicester and sample all of these yourself, grab yourself a ticket to conference!

Or you could always just go there of your own accord. But then there won’t be lots of student radio-y types there at the same time… and that’s part of the fun!