Hello and welcome to the latest edition of SRA Playlist Meeting, where 18 teams in Student Radio gather together, listen to some records and let us know what they think. These are the tunes that are hot in Student Radio at the moment.

Circa Waves – Fire That Burns

Played on: 15/18

“We love Circa Waves, will definitely be going on our playlist this week! Such a great sound that we love here.” – Katie Willmott, URN

“Unreal tune, loving the latest material from the lads and it fits our audience! Will be playlisting in the next week or two.” – Mark Hoskin, Smoke Radio

Sampha – (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

Played on: 14/18

“Yes – would certainly add variety to our playlist as it’s a bit more down tempo compared to other commercial tracks we play. Everything about this track is so beautiful; the lyrics, harmonies and personally I’m a sucker for an acoustic piano tune! Reckon this song’s going to do really well.” – Lydia Flavell, Fly FM

“New on our A list this week having debuted as our track of the week and (very conveniently) been the SRA’s One To Watch in the week we hosted the chart show. Genuinely cannot wait for the album.” – Xavier Voight-Hill, Surge

Louis Berry – She Wants Me

Played on: 10/18

“We love Louis Berry at Scratch and love the rock and roll sound to this new track which will be playlisted very soon on our station.” – Charlotte Fowler, Scratch Radio

“Yes – Louis’ husky, unique voice brings something new to the current chart sound.” – Isobel Sheeran, Insanity

The Sherlocks – Was It Really Worth It?

Played on: 10/18

“Yes! We have a few Sherlocks fans on our team, they recently played a show at Electric Circus in Edinburgh.” – Mia Abeyawardene, Fresh Air

“Yes – I reckon this will be popular amongst some of our presenters. Love their own twist on which could be seen as a classic indie/alternative instrumental. Also, these guys are on tour soon so would be good to give them some exposure!” – Lydia Flavell, Fly FM

Khalid & Little Simz – Location

Played on: 9/18

“Yes – We have supported both Khalid & Lil Simz before. Both the original and the remix of this song are great, and it appeals to a variety of listeners & producers.” – Ally Steel, LSR

“Nice variation for our playlist so this will be on there.” – Jake Crossland, Rare FM

Maggie Rogers – On + Off

Played on: 15/18

“absolutely adore Maggie Rogers! On & Off is fantastic as always and is currently sat on our C-List. I anticipate Rogers will move up our playlist in the coming weeks.” – Connor Gani, Livewire1350

“YES – An unreal voice, nice and calming, but not too slow for the daytime.” – Mark Hoskin, Smoke Radio

Amine – Caroline

Played on: 8/18

“Almost put it on this week anticipating an incoming UK push! Will almost certainly slot in next week because it’s so damn catchy and really sticks out (in a good way) from most records we typically add.” – Xavier Voight-Hill, Surge

“I’ve known about this song for a while and like it. I would put it on our B-list evening playlist” – Connor Morrin, Nerve Radio

Sage The Gemini – Now Or Later

Played on: 9/18

“Love this song, already on playlist, was one of the first songs I put on!” – Katie Willmott, URN

“Nice variation so will put this on the playlist., it’s nice to get a wide spread so the presenters have a large choice.” – Jake Crossland, Rare FM

TwentyOne Pilots – HeavyDirtySoul

Played on: 10/18

“Yes – Twenty One Pilots are one of the very few artists who manage create the majority of their album as hits. It really shows you what they have to offer, their talent shines through.” – Isobel Sheeran, Insanity

“This is on our A list, we regularly put their tracks on our A and B lists” – Charley Douglas, Stag Radio

White Lies – Don’t Want To Feel It All

Played on: 9/18

“Yes – the music team at Leeds Student Radio has supported White Lies on multiple occasions” – Ally Steel, LSR

“Yes – currently in Playlist B” – Lauren Barrow, Demon FM

Kings Of Leon – Reverend

Played on: 16/18

“Straight onto our A-List. Kings of Leon’s new album has been unbelievably popular here at UEA and at Livewire!” – Connor Gani, Livewire1350

“On the playlist already, A-List, great tune!” – Neil MacQuarrie – RaW

Alma – Dye My Hair

Played on: 12/18

“Think this has the potential to be a popular radio track. So would include it in our A list daytime playlist” – Connor Morrin, Nerve Radio

“YES – Fun and funky, adds more of a dance element to the playlist.” – Mark Hoskin, Smoke Radio

Dave & J Hus – Samantha

Played on: 4/18

“Yes – would help to make our playlist stretch across genres. Nice beat, instrumentals are catchy, vocals complement them well.” – Lydia Flavell, Fly FM

“yes – catchy chorus about samantha” – Mia Abeyawardene, Fresh Air

Peter Doherty – Kolly Kibber

Played on: 6/18

“Yes – first time hearing this, instantly fell in love! Peter brings something new to the table, a mixture of sounds that leaves you wanting more.” – Isobel Sheeran, Insanity

“Everyone at Rare loves the Libertines so Pete will go down very well. Nice change in tone.” – Jake Crossland, Rare FM

Zak Abel – Unstable

Played on: 14/18

“Onto our B-List as a dancey alternative to lots of strings we have on B currently. popular and funkyand i anticipate will blow up in the near future.” – Connor Gani, Livewire1350

“Yes – already on playlist! Amazing vocals, looking forward to what the future brings for Zak.” – Isobel Sheeran, Insanity

And to see what’s been charting well, here is our current SRA Chart:

1. Rag N Bone Man – Human
2. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You
3. Bastille – Blame
4. Dua Lipa – Be The One
5. The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming
6. Zayn & Taylor – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
7. Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill
8. The XX – On Hold
9. JP Cooper – September Song
10. London Grammar – Rooting For You
11. Jax Jones & Raye – You Don’t Know Me
12. Chainsmokers – Paris
13. Catfish & The Bottlemen – Outside
14. Two Door Cinema Club – Ordinary
15. Sigala & Digital Farm Animals – Only You
16. Vant – Do You Know Me
17. A Day To Remember – We Got This
18. Maggie Rogers – On & Off
19. Tinie Tempah & Tinashe – Text From Your Ex
20. Major Lazer – Run Up