Join us in Leicester for the 2017 Student Radio Conference!

Tickets are now available to buy for the National Student Radio Conference 2017, which will be held by Demon FM at De Montfort University in Leicester from 19th-21st April.

There are two main ticket options:

Accommodated: This includes a shared room between 2/3 people, plus dinner on Day One, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day Two, and breakfast and lunch on Day Three. The cost of this ticket is £149.00

We’ll allocated same-sex, same-station accommodation rooms where possible. If not possible, we’ll contact you to discuss options. Please contact us (details in payment receipt) if you have any specific accommodation needs, or would like to purchase an individual room.

Non-accommodated: This includes full access to the conference, but the meals included are limited to dinner or Day One, lunch and dinner on Day Two, and lunch on Day Three. The cost of this ticket is £99.00

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member to buy these tickets at this rate. SRA membership will be validated after purchase and non-members with member only tickets will not be admitted. There are non-member tickets available at a slightly higher rate.

Check that your station has paid its 2017 membership fee (individual membership also available) else your ticket may not be valid. Ask your station manager whether you are a member (memberships run from January-December, so if you haven’t paid membership in 2017, you are NOT a member).

We also have the option of taking out a payment plan of three £50 installments for accommodated tickets (members only) and your ticket/accommodation will be reserved following the first payment.

To buy a ticket, head to