Hello and welcome along to our biggest and best SRA Playlist Meeting yet. I’m really happy to say that we’ve had 27 stations get involved with our latest playlist meeting, meaning I bring you views around the truly biggest records in student radio. Each station has told us if they’re playing the following records, and what they think of them!

AJR – Weak

Played On: 19/27

“YES (already been on the playlist) – Mixture of different sounds, really pumping and energetic. Looking forward to AJR’s future releases!” – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

“Yes, we already have it on our B list. Really uplifting track, will be popular amongst our presenters. The lyrics are really catchy and the instrumentals are really interesting; sounds like a lot of genres mixed together.” – Lydia Flavell (Fly FM)

Creeper – Black Rain

Played On: 14/29

“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. On the a-list for march. As the station have been playing the band for a few years now” – Jack Allcock (CSRfm)

“Will be putting on B list in next couple of weeks. Nice to have different genres on there.” – Kate Giff (Xpression FM)

Salen – Heartbreak Diet

Played On: 20/27

“Yes – now on its second week on B after two on C, there’s a lot of love for Sälen here. ‘Copper Kiss’ was one of our biggest tracks towards the end of last year, so this was an instant add and we can’t wait to see what’s next.” – Xavier Voight-Hill (Surge Radio)

“This is more like it! Nice beat, good vocals and easy on the ear. Would make its way onto our B list Daytime Playlist.” – Connor Morrin (Nerve Radio)

Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe

Played On: 23/27

“AMAZING SONG!! Put it on our playlist last week on B- love how it builds and she’s got such an amazing voice- one of my favourite songs at the moment!” – Katie Willmott (URN)

“Added this to our database the other week. We have been getting a good responce from the listeners from this tune… been a hit with our presenters too.” – Olly Crawford (THIS Radio)

The Magic Gang – How Can I Compete

Played On: 21/27

“Rare absolutely loves the Magic Gang – followed them from the very start. This is already playlisted” – Jake Crossland (Rare FM)

“I think everyone in this group thinks these guys are ace! I agree! C List as they are new!” – Tom Hinckley (Shock Radio)

Elf Kid – Reload That

Played On: 14/27

“YES – Sounds great, has a strong sense of originality to it and will go down well!” – Mark Hoskin (Smoke Radio)

“Yes – new in on C this week, it was a unanimous decision from the team. It has a nice international flavour from the instrumentation and quite a few folks recognised its hook from club nights so it’s sure to go well on air.” – Xavier Voight-Hill (Surge Radio)

Jamiroquai – Cloud 9

Played On: 21/27

“This is our track of the week this week and we will playlist it after that.” – Charlotte Fowler (Scratch Radio)

“Been climbing our playlist since we debuted it on our station last week” – Tayla Dickinson (KUBE Radio)

London Grammar – Big Picture

Played On: 22/27

“YES, Has been in A list for past 2 weeks, beautiful atmospheric sound and a welcome ballad-esque song to sit well with Sampha in our playlists.” – Tom Oakley (URB)

“Yes, the song is on The Cat’s B-List at the moment (5 plays a day).” – Alex Rojek (The Cat Radio)

Anne Marie – Ciao Adios

Played On: 22/27

“SUCH A GOOD SONG! I didn’t like it the first time I listened to it but the more I listened, the more I loved! It went straight on our A list last week and is doing so well already! Love the beat, it’s so catchy and Anne Marie has such a beautiful voice.” – Katie Willmott (URN)

“Straight onto our B-List. Is already proving popular. Will no doubt move up to A in a few weeks!” – Connor Gani (Livewire)

Tom Grennan – Praying

Played On: 23/27

“LOVE this track! Currently in Playlist B” – Lauren Barrow (Demon FM)

“Has been on regular rotation at the station, climbing high in the playlist” – Tayla Dickinson (KUBE Radio)

Linkin Park – Heavy

Played On: 17/27

“YES – Definitely a track that grows on you.” – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

“YES – Mixed reviews, but it’s nice to have a controversial track on there occasionally!” – Mark Hoskin (Smoke Radio)

Migos – Bad & Boujee

Played On: 16/27

“Do I even need to tell you about how good this track is? Could easily listen to this 400 times a day if I wanted to and still not be bored of it. Already on out A-list Evening Playlist” – Connor Morrin (Nerve)

“BAD & Boujee — TUNE our evening entertainment shows love this track and show do our listeners. A1 list!!” – Olly Crawford (THIS Radio)

The Amazons – Black Magic

Played On: 22/27

“yes – really catchy 4 note riff at the beginning” – Mia Abeyawardene (Fresh Air)

“This has been on our C list for a few weeks” – Charley Douglas (Stag Radio)

Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

Played On: 25/27

“YES – Finally the greatly anticipated Stormzy track! With a massive reception from fans, Stormzy’s new track shows he’s still got it. Electric, loud, a Stormzy song in its own right.” – Izzy Sheeran (Insanity Radio)

“A-list forever!” – Jack Allcock (CSRfm)

Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs

Played On: 20/27

“This is been in rotation massively on Rare along with a lot of Coloring Book – at one point I think we had three songs playlisted on there.” – Jake Crossland (Rare FM)

“Don’t think I have ever not liked something from Chance The Rapper! 🙂 – A List!” – Tom Hinckley (Shock Radio)

Thank you to every station who took part, and as you can see, we have a lot of great music around Student Radio at the moment. Also find below our current SRA Chart from 26th February show.

1.Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You
2.Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill
3.The Chainsmokers – Paris
4.Rag N Bone Man – Human
5.Bastille – Blame
6.The XX – On Hold
7.Sampha – No One Knows Me
8.Biffy Clyro – Flammable
9.Sia – Move Your Body
10. VANT – Do You Know Me
11. Dua Lipa – Be The One
12. London Grammar – Big Picture
13. Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm
14. Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me
15. Zayn & Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
16. Circa Waves – Fire That Burns
17. Maggie Rogers – On & Off
18. Anne Marie – Ciao Adios
19. Tom Grennan – Praying
20. Stormzy – Big For Your Boots