With SRA Con just around the corner, here’s your first opportunity to start preparing for three days of radio fun!

We have a couple of sessions on the Thursday, which you will need to book in advance to go to them. These are…

A DJ Workshop with Jaguar Bingham and Mo Ayoub from BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra. You’ll get to learn the basics of Djing at the Demon FM studios. These will be in 30 minute sessions across the day.

Sign up here for a DJ workshop!

Also on Thursday is Global’s Soundcheck. This is another opportunity to get your demos looked at, this time with some of the bosses at Global’s biggest stations. This is between 9:30 and 10:20, but you have to book ten minute slots with one of the five bosses.

Below you will find links to a couple of Google Docs where you will be able to book your session and the time as well. Be quick though, as we’re expecting these to be filled quickly.

Book here for Global’s Soundcheck!

You must have booked by 16:30 on Wednesday 19th April so book now and don’t miss out!