Officer By-Elections

By-elections for the following unfilled Officer posts will run from 1st – 12th May 2017.

  • London & East Anglia Regional
  • Midlands Regional Officer
  • North East & Yorkshire
  • Scotland

Nominations: until 23:59 Saturday 6th May 2017
Nominations, including a single A4 PDF manifesto, should be emailed to

Voting: until 17:00 Firday 12th May 2017
Station Managers of member stations will be contacted individually to facilitate voting.

Rules & Restrictions
Because Regional Officers are expected to have current student radio experience, and work closely with the stations in their region, there are a few eligibility criteria.

  • You must currently be a student and involved with a member station based within the region that you wish to represent.
  • You must intend to remain involved with this station for a majority of the next 12 months.
  • You must continue to be a resident, during term time, in the region that you wish to represent.

Full 2017 Regional Officers Elections Guide [PDF]

The Student Radio Association is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who are elected annually. All of the roles are incredibly rewarding and great fun. They also require a significant time commitment, and you will need to give some consideration to this before applying; especially in light of any other commitments that you may have (for instance, running your station or finishing your degree!)

There is a wide range of positions available:

Executive Officers act as directors of the organisation and look after the day-to-day running and oversight of the Association and its’ activities.
Regional Officers are responsible for representing the Student Radio Association, and its members, in a specific geographical region. These Officers are only elected by the members in their own region.
Administrative Officers are, for the most part, tasked with looking after a specific project or activity. Some of the Executive Officers have deputies who fall into this category. This group of officers are usually appointed by the Executive Committee based on a fair application process, rather than elected.

If you’re interested in running the SRA, please read the following documents in detail:

2017 Notice of Officer Elections

2017 Executive Officers Elections Guide

2017 Regional Officers Elections Guide

2017 Admin Officers Application Guide

How to apply:

If you would like to nominate yourself for a position, please send your manifesto on a single A4 page to:

Your manifesto should explain your reasons for running as a candidate, and highlight the skills that you can bring to the role. You may also want to include any ideas that you have for the year ahead.
Please ensure that it fits on to a single side of A4, and send it as either a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Other formats may not be accepted.

Candidates will be notified to the membership in advance of the Student Radio Conference.
Please see the “Notice of an Election of Officers” document for details of the election process.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the election process or your eligibility to run as a candidate, please contact the Returning Officer via: