Superorganism have had a mysterious social presence since their single, ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ hit the internet in early 2017. At Fuse FM, we love new music and we have kept our eyes closely on Superorganism and are expecting huge things in 2018. The video for ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ is baffling and intriguing and just gives a small insight as to the unexpectedness of a band like Superorganism. The graphics are weird and captivating; they complement the voice of Orono, who is only eighteen! The music is lighthearted, electronic pop with hints of indie music in there. It’s really easy to listen as well as being totally unique to the pop already out there.

Reading about how the music is made also makes its unique factor stand out even more. The members of the band (there are 8) all live together in East London and each occupy roles in creating the music. All sit separately in their rooms creating their content, which is then all mashed up together to produce the layered and original effect of Superorganism’s sound.

We’re super excited about this band because they’re made up differently to stereotypical bands. We’ve got members from all over the world including America, Australia, Japan and the UK. In addition to this, the combination of different sounds and this way of producing it is attention grabbing and we love it. The music itself is original but reaches out to a variety of audiences, from pop to indie lovers. Superorganism stand out from the crowd, and we love it.

Jodie Bryant, Fuse FM