Brighton- based four piece The Magic Gang offer a range of alternative styles within their music, varying from Beach Boys-esque vocals with soft guitar in songs like “Tuning In” and “All This Way” in their second EP, to heavier guitar in songs such as “No Fun”.

The Magic Gang emerged in 2014 as a fresh face in the Brighton music scene and were signed onto ex-Maccabees member’ Felix White’s Yala! Records, a company that have taken on bands such as Yak and Bloody Knees.

With their constant touring throughout the country and their packed-out gigs, this band reached out to the youngest generation of music lovers, while at the same time bringing in features from the best music in the 60’s such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Their musical inspirations project onto their lyrics; they are catchy, partly from the harmonious vocals, and but also from the fact that they’re based on bittersweet real life subjects. Their music fails to lack brims with originality despite these major influences, and act as a definitive example of indie music that should be played on student radio.

The band have not long ago released their ironic music video for their single “Alright”, portraying the inner chaos of the middle class family; and it’s safe to say that after releasing three EP’s and so many singles over time, that their debut album in 2018 will be well worth the wait.

Jade Bellevue De Sylva, Wired Radio