Himalayas are the hottest band to come out of the South Wales Music scene this year and should already be on your ones to watch list for 2018. Their fast and energetic sound featuring slick guitars, raw vocals and drums prove that these guys pack a punch and capture the essence of hard indie rock spectacularly.

The Cardiff four-piece have had an extremely successful year, and are getting bigger by the minute. Their two singles released are ‘Sigh on a Hurricane’ and ‘Thank God I’m Not You’. Each track is infectious, giving an insight into the band, epitomising their sound, and cluing us in for what’s to come. Their first major release ‘Sigh on a Hurricane’ boasts impressive guitar solos from Mike Griffiths and expert vocal melding between him and Joe Williams, the lead vocalist, creating a rough and ready sound. Combine this with the funky bass lines from Louis Heaps, and the drums provided by James Goulbourn the track constantly drives forward. It’s catchy, lyrically playful, and has a cool almost nonchalant vibe to it that instantly makes you want to head to their gig and jump around in the pit. They’ve managed to somehow put their innate performance style into the track, which makes it feel and sound unprocessed. ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ works in a similar vein. With vigorous guitar, clever comic lyrics and propelling drums, the song makes its mark as the ultimate song to direct at someone you just don’t like. The guitar solo and instrumental breakdown is prodigious, and you can clearly see the attention to detail and thought process the band put into their songs. Again, the clever voice blending between lead and backup vocals is fresh, and gives another edge to the Himalayas, setting them apart from other bands in the same genre.

‘Ectasy’, the title track of their EP, shows a different side to the band, and demonstrates the range of styles and techniques the band are capable of. The verses are lighter and more groove-ridden echoing the current indie sound, exploding into a punky garage chorus that sweeps the listener away with it this demonstrates the expansion of sound the band can create. In fact their whole EP is exciting and innovative, with each track offering something new to their soundscape.

On stage, they are vibrant, and effortlessly quick, working together dexterously but each having their own zeal and charisma. This combination means they capture their audience in the music, allowing the crowd to feel as one as well as let them have the time of thier lives. The boys are friendly, and their banter and jokes make the show fun cementing the connection between the band and the audience. Their sets don’t have a break or dull moment with the tireless energy throughout.

Off stage they’re genuine, easy-going guys, who truly seem to love every aspect of what they do. They’re driven by their music, and form a great group of friends with some hilarious anecdotes and good conversation, as you can hear in the interview.

Himalayas are bound to see new heights in 2018, and are set to create some crazy incredible new music, with fresh takes on current rock and indie music. Here in South Wales we encourage you to give them a go and watch them take off in the new year.

Meg Sharma, Xpress Radio