Hands down one of the most exciting up and coming artists in the world right now. After hitting the scene with ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ a song which has now amassed over 25 million streams on Spotify alone. You know that with numbers like that we have someone special on our hands. She has been named Apple Music’s Up Next meaning she had her face plastered all across New York, which she told me was ‘totally surreal’. I was lucky to meet Sigrid just before she went off to America to be on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ we met in central Manchester to record a video interview where we explored nearby thrift shops and got to know each other.

It’s fair to say Sigrid was exactly what I expected. Lovely and down to earth, someone that is clearly passionate about music and just wants to share that love for music with the world. Sigrid has an electrifying voice and energy about her that shines through in her music, especially when she is on stage. I saw her perform one of her latest singles ‘Dynamite’ to a room of industry professionals at the ARIAS. It’s fair to the say she had every person memorized by her voice and piano.

Thinking ahead to what kind of year Sigrid will have. I think it fair to say that we will see her have a Top 20 song in the UK along with much more radio play time. We will see her draw bigger and bigger crowds and selling out larger venues throughout the years. She has the look and natural progression of a future popstar, so if you’re reading this it’s time to get on the bandwagon.

Tom Hinckley, Shock Radio