We’re looking for three or four podcasters to help us capture the best moments and the best talks and interviews from this year’s conference. It will look great on your CV, you’ll get a chance to meet our industry guests and talk about things that most interest you.

If you’re interested, please copy/paste the following into an email and send it to music@studentradio.org.uk by the 20th of March at midnight and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible!

1) Personal Details: We need your name, university and station name, contact email and contact phone number.

2) Which areas of the podcast would you be interested in working? [tick boxes]:

Presenting []
Production []
Blogging []

3) Previous Experience: In relation to 2, briefly summarise your experience in this area, and tell us about any relevant experience in interviewing you may have (if any).

4) What are the areas of radio that interest you the most? [Tick boxes]

Presenting/Production []
Music []
Station Management []
Marketing []
Engineering/Technical []
Web/Social Media []

5) Briefly, pitch an idea of how you might cover a talk at the conference. Consider the format (e.g. structure/length/production), the things you would draw upon (e.g. voxpops/interviews/recordings) and how you would put your own creative spin on the podcast to entertain those listening.

6) Finally, for the duration of the conference, will you be able to arrange access to: [tick boxes]

– Recording equipment (this could be a portable microphone or perhaps a smartphone with a good quality microphone) []
– A laptop []
– Audio editing software (e.g. Garageband/Audition/Pro Tools/Audacity) []

These podcasts will be sent to our industry partners, including BBC, Global, Bauer and Wireless. This year, for the first time ever, our National Student Radio Conference podcast is brought to you in partnership with Abrupt Audio. They would like to offer 15 minute one-to-one sessions with our chosen students to get the best out of this opportunity and these podcasts.