Boasting many of our favourite bands, Dot 2 Dot returns in 2018. The festival visited Nottingham & Birmingham, but it’s the opening day at Manchester that we bring you highlights from. Jodie Bryant of Fuse FM reviews the festival and brings us highlights on her podcast.

Dot to Dot Festival was held from the 25th – 27th of May in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham. It is the perfect festival for music lovers who want to and are ahead of the game with new music. A great line up including The Horrors, Pale Waves, Ady Suleiman and loads more promised a great day of music.

Walking from venue to venue and switching the kind of music is all part of the event and you really get a little taste of everything. I saw a range of acts and my taste and knowledge was broadened just from a couple of hours. We queued up with everyone (literally hundreds of people) outside the O2 Ritz ready to be thrilled with the acts.

Opening the festival and first up in the O2 Ritz was Gus Dapperton, who is American, has coloured hair and rocks some crazy dance moves. His slow Hip Hop inspired performance as well as style made the performance both music and art. Absolutely loved it and he was added to my Spotify playlist the very next day.

Then we headed to Gorilla to watch The Regrettes – a girl power rock group with a load of bangers. I loved seeing this group live and Gorilla was packed out. Dot to Dot opens new musical doors and I definitely wouldn’t of been able to see the range of artists I did in that space of time without the festival. We headed to a new venue, Leaf – (have been in Manchester for 3 years and never set foot in here – how!?) It was really cool and a different vibe to Gorilla of the O2 Ritz. There were sofas and high stools and it was all very civilised. I went to see a
band called The Elephant Trees, again, who I would never have seen if it weren’t for the festival!

The Elephant Trees were lovely to watch. It was a simple performance and the band were basically sat in the audience with us. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and again wouldn’t have heard of this band. The diversity of Dot to Dot pulled through again and introduced me to this great new band! Next up we headed to Night People to see an artist called Ecca Vandal. She was punchy and rocky and the gig was again intimate but more ‘in your face’ as she sang louder and more harshly than The Elephant Trees. Some songs weren’t as focussed on the rock as others, and overall she was fierce and brought a great funk and rock mixture to the table.

I saw so many acts of so many genres in such a short space of time. Dot to Dot is an absolutely must for any music lover because as well as famous acts like The Horrors, the festival gives you opportunities to hear music you never would have! It’s no surprise that the festival is renowned for celebrating a diverse range of music and anyone who’s been will have seen someone they didn’t know and now listen to. It’s absolutely great, new music and a bit of city seeing – bonus! I’ll 100% be heading to Dot to Dot next year!