To wet your appetite before Download 2018, Slam Dunk is the place to be. Our Deputy Music Officer, Steph, gets to experience the Alt/Pop-Rock day festival in all its glory and it was something to behold. Read the review below and hear the podcast here.

Held on Friday in Leeds, the North treated the acts the same: Excitement, Fanatic and Joy. Seeing Woes for the first time just after listening to their EP moments before they took to the stage gained them a new fan. Also, being massive fans of Drake is a plus to.

Lower Than Atlantis came to a wave of fans on the Monster stage, with every single person feeding off the lyrics to ‘Beast of Myself’. I was in awe on how the scottish band can capture a crowd like that. During the day, mighty Twin Atlantic came to the main stage, with beers to share with everyone. (well, almost everyone. The lucky four who managed to catch a can from Mike’s hand.)
One of my favourite acts of the day was of course Zebrahead, who took moshing to a whole new level with ‘The Wall of Death’ – How I survived that, I don’t know. And the bonus? The ending to Whitney Houston’s ‘I will Always Love You’ – Iconic.

PVRIS captured a big crows at the Jagermeister Stage, with classics (My House, You and I) and something new (New material on the way?), brought a new fan into the crowds with them.
While these bands were a highlight for me, the atmosphere was uplifting and positive. Fans going to each other and talking about other acts while seeming to become friends. And that’s the great thing about Slam Dunk, is that people come together to share music with each other and have that lasting friendship. Slam Dunk is a place to experience for young and old.

If you couldn’t get your ticket to Download, or wanting something ‘lighter’, Slam Dunk is the place to be. Especially in Leeds. For anyone into rock, or wanting to embrace nostalgia, this is a great way to start your festival season and discover new music for the months to come.