Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the team responsible for creating promotional campaigns and branding across the BBC? SRA alumna Kate Dinsdale – part of the team that founded what is now The Cat Radio – gives us a peek behind the scenes and describes a day in the life of a Senior Creative at BBC Creative: AUDIO.


The BBC Creative Audio team are part of BBC Creative, the BBC’s award winning in house advertising agency, working on some of most exciting campaigns in the broadcasting world, from Doctor Who to the World Cup.

We are all about excellence in craft – the wider team consists of writers, planners, promo directors, digital – and us, Audio.

Everyone in the Audio team has passion for audio and radio – and almost all of us started in uni, hospital or local radio.

A typical day in the audio team is never the same and includes script writing, feeding back on work, idea generation, project planning, client meetings, network meetings, pitching, directing voice overs, editing, selecting the perfect piece of music and listening to a lot of audio….

My day starts around 8:30 in the office listening to that days choice of Breakfast show (it varies a lot as we need to be across them all) and catching up on emails.

Then I catch up with our team of Freelance Producers on the various projects we are working on… They all work remotely so it’s often a series of phone calls just checking in that everything is going smoothly. If they have shared any mixes and I haven’t yet had chance to feedback on them we will talk about the changes that need to happen that day before we share the promos with the wider team.

As a team we all juggle a lot of projects and I can jump from watching an episode of a new comedy for BBC THREE to talking about how we can make the Children In Need trail work on Radio2 to the latest news documentary on the war in Syria. All incredibly different tones; doing very different jobs, for different audiences. Timings on a project can vary from 3 weeks to 6 months out to TX for something like The World Cup.

We create radio promos for the full portfolio of the BBC Network radio stations: there aren’t many jobs where you can make great stuff that’s broadcast everywhere from Radio1xtra to Radio 4, 6music and 5live. And not many jobs where up to 35 million people can hear your work.

It’s usually around 6 by the time I’m logging off – ready to listen to a new podcast on the way home.