Spark’s Lewis Bowden gives you the highlights from TRNSMT Festival 2018.

We got the opportunity to attend the closing weekend of TRSNMT festival, a city festival hosted in Glasgow. Prior weeks had seen the likes of Liam Gallagher, James Bay and Arctic Monkeys take the stage. Tricky to beat for the final weekend, well somehow they did so with thousands coming out to watch Queen and The Killers, in the flesh, headline the mainstage for the final two days.

But we will get to that, walking through the gates was personally my first festival experience, and it lived up to all hype in a very unique way. Surrounded by the skyline of Glasgow, the main stage was visible from around the vast majority of the festival grounds. So whether you are waiting in line for drinks, or getting a glitter beard, (we seemed to set a trend with this during our time there,) you are never missing out.

There was no camping due to it being a city festival, this made for the surprisingly very clean surroundings, but is that what we care about really? First act we saw was The Darkness, performing on the main stage, it was about 1.00pm, above 20 degrees, and lead singer Justin Hawkings was doing a headstand while clapping his feet to the beat of the song, welcome to TRNSMT. We also got a shout out for our glitter beards, I loved this as it’s the only facial hair I’ve ever had, which made me all the more upset as it deteriorated throughout the day and slowly became glitter mutton chops.

Texas and Alabama 3 followed while Gun and The Xcerts performed on the King Tut’s Stage. We viewed this from what felt like, 2 miles in the air. Yes that’s right, I conquered my fear of heights and went on the big wheel which is situated just on the edge of the festival grounds looking over the madness. I spent much of my time up there squealing clinging on for life, (you can give that a listen on the podcast.) But if that isn’t exhilarating enough for you, bang in the centre there is, what I can only describe as, the most terrifying ride I’ve ever seen in my life. It was twice as high as the ‘big’ wheel, and spins you around in the air dangling off cables.

We decided to pass on the ride of death and the crowds flocked in as the time for Queen approached. They did not disappoint. Queen were the most entertaining, amazing, engaging act I have seen in my life, and no I am not over exaggerating. Admittedly I had doubts about how Adam Lambert would be, filling in the unfillable boots of the late Freddy Mercury, but he did so exceptionally. He referenced Freddy in a very good way and won the already cheering crowd with ease. He channelled the same showmanship and sass, in a way that did not feel like a cheap copy. The show was brilliantly choreographed and with sun setting, all the classics being played to perfection, the atmosphere was incomparable to anything I have experienced before. Brian May had a solo that must have went on for 10 minutes but felt like 10 seconds as he rose meters in the air on the rising stage. They had this crazy screen that spread across the entirety of the stage and on it they made a holographic type image of Freddy Mercury walking down the stage as Brian May turned back at the edge of the catwalk watching on almost reminiscently . No stone was left unturned and it is clear to see why there name holds so much weight!

Saturday was a day off and we got right back to it on Sunday, awaiting us was Lewis Capaldi, Nina Nesbit and The Killers. The day planned out much the same as Saturday, we managed to have a look in VIP, which left me quite disappointed, there was no difference apart from nicer toilets, and that it was slightly more relaxed and peaceful. But if that is what you are looking for VIP is for you!

Lewis Capaldi took main stage and was a very pleasant watch, you could tell he appreciated the opportunity which made it that much more enjoyable seeing him up there. He brought out Nina Nesbitt also to assist in the singing of ‘Rush,’ originally featuring Jessie Reyez. As a Lewis Capaldi fan, I was not left disappointed.

Franz Ferdinand, Friendly Fires and CHVRCHES followed leading up to The Killers to round up, what was an unbelievable weekend, in emphatic style. Now we look forward to TRNSMT 2019, let the speculation and rumours begin on who we might see headlining this time!